King Arthur Salad

Very tender and hearty salad, I have an association with some kind of ducal dinner) maybe because I called it that? I'm sure my family will appreciate it by 10 on a scale of 5, my relatives just loved it! Bon appetit! :)

Ingredients for "King Arthur Salad":


Chicken fillet - 600 gGr prunes - 150 gHazelnuts - 100 g Garlic - 2 teethChampignons (tinned) - 400 gCheese hard (I took "King Arthur" ) - 300 gMayonnaiseSugars (Any, I have "3 crusts") like it best, and with this form tastier)))))))


Cooking time:  30 minutes


Nutrition and energy value:Ready dish

2242 kcalbels

238.4 fats

87.8 g carbohydrates

127.4 g100 g of Dishcal

140.1 kcalbels

14.9 fats

5.5 g carbohydrates

8 г



Recipe for "King Arthur Salad":


1. First we put the chicken to boil. In the meantime, let's deal with the other ingredients.


2. Let's cut prunes into not large cubes, as the shape turns out, but the main thing is not coarse.


3. chop the garlic.


4. Then we grate the walnuts on a fine grater. (If possible you can use a blender)


5. Ding, ding! Here the chicken is boiled! Take it out, cool it a little bit and cut in small cubes.


6. Now we put all the "ready" ingredients (chicken, prunes, nuts, garlic) in a bowl/salad and add canned mushrooms.


7. Now grate the cheese on a coarse grater.


8. And here is the decisive moment. We mix it all up and pour the mayonnaise.

And the breadcrumbs? I did not forget. I usually serve the salad and a separate plate of breadcrumbs next to it, if you put them immediately in the dressed salad, they will become wet bread after a little while. And everyone can decide for themselves whether they need breadcrumbs or not, because even without them the salad is very tasty! But I like it with breadcrumbs, it's more interesting that way... Bon appetit!:)))


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