Know 13 big benefits of Peepal tree

Peepal tree has great importance in Hindu religion. Not only has it been associated with the world of religion, but according to botany and Ayurveda, the Peepal tree has been considered beneficial in many ways. We are telling, some such health benefits of Peepal tree. Let us know, 10 big benefits of Peepal tree -


shortness of breath

Peepal tree can be very beneficial for you in any type of respiratory problem. For this, take out the inner part of the bark of the Peepal tree and dry it. By making powder of this dried part and eating it, all the problems related to breathing are removed. Apart from this, drinking its leaves boiled in milk is also beneficial in asthma.


gas or constipation

Peepal leaves are used as medicine in the problem of constipation or gas. It is also considered a bile killer, so its use is beneficial in stomach problems. Taking one teaspoon after extracting the juice of its fresh leaves in the morning and evening ends problems with bile.


For teeth

Teeth are strengthened by brushing peepal, and the problem of toothache ends. Apart from this, using a paste made by grinding 10 grams peepal bark, catechu and 2 grams black pepper finely ends all the problems of teeth.


effect of poison

When bitten by any poisonous animal, if a doctor is not present on time, when the juice of peepal leaves is given after a while, the effect of the poison starts decreasing.


skin disease

In skin problems like ringworm, scabies, itching, eating soft leaves of peepal or drinking its decoction is beneficial. Apart from this, if there is a problem like boils and pimples, it is beneficial to rub the bark of peepal.


in case of wound

If there is a wound in any part of the body, applying hot paste of peepal leaves helps in drying the wound. Apart from this, by using this paste daily and applying peepal bark, the wound heals quickly and there is no burning sensation.



Peepal is also beneficial in problems like cold and flu. Drying peepal leaves in the shade and making a decoction of it with sugar candy is beneficial. This helps to cure cold quickly.


to skin

Peepal bark paste or its leaves can also be used to improve the complexion of the skin. Apart from this, it also helps in reducing the wrinkles of the skin. Wrinkles start reducing by soaking the fresh root of peepal and applying it on the skin.


reduce stress

Peepal is rich in antioxidants, chewing its tender leaves regularly reduces stress, and also reduces the effects of aging.



If there is a problem of bleeding from the nose, plucking the fresh leaves of peepal, extracting the juice from it and putting it in the nose is very beneficial. Apart from this, mashing its leaves and smelling it also gives relief in nosebleeds.


Torn heels

Peepal will also help you a lot in the problem of cracked heels. By applying milk of peepal leaves on cracked heels, cracked heels are cured within a few days and the palate becomes soft.



Drinking the syrup made by mixing sugar candy in the juice of 3-4 new peepal leaves is very beneficial when jaundice occurs. Giving it twice a day for 3-5 days is beneficial.



Taking the powder prepared by drying the ripe fruits of peepal with honey ends the problem of stammering and improves speech.


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