Know how much water you should drink in a day according to your weight

  Most of the time we hear people say to drink 8-10 glasses or more of water a day.  But if we say that more water than necessary can harm you, it will be hard for you to believe, but it is true that drinking water in the wrong way at the wrong time only harms the body.  Let's find out how much water to drink in a day and at what time.

  In the words of Rahim Dasji

  It is said that Rahiman, keep water, everything is heard except water.  Yes, everything is incomplete without water.  About 70% of our body is made up of water, so we drink water to get rid of toxins.  But the question of how much water to drink in a day has persisted for years.

 What is the relationship between weight and water?

  Most people drink water when they are thirsty.  In hot humid weather, thirst is often not the best indicator of dehydration.  So the question is how much water should we drink every day?  Water is 55-60 percent of body weight, although it varies between men and women.  Like the human body, water is an essential component of all substances.  About 20% of your daily fluid needs are met by food.  Butter and oil are two substances that do not contain water.

 Which fruits have a percentage of water

  Some mines contain more than 90 percent water.  These foods include milk, yogurt, many fruits, many greens, watermelon, beets, cabbage, lettuce and spinach.  Apples, grapes, oranges and pomegranates contain 80 to 90 percent water.  At the same time, beans and legumes contain 60 to 70 percent water.  Dried fruits, seeds and nuts also contain 1% to 9% water.

  Watering is the right method and time.  If we do not drink water accordingly, this nectar can also act as a poison for us.

  Water travels from your body's bloodstream to the kidneys.  But it also has its limitations.  So in 1 hour you should drink only 800 to 1000 ml of water.

  Drinking water on an empty stomach in the morning bothers many.  But we will tell you that if you drink 2 glasses of water for the first time in the morning, you will not have stomach related problems like constipation or indigestion etc. and the stomach also cleanses properly.  You can drink water kept in copper or hot water or you can also drink water mixed with lemon and honey.

Can I drink water with food?

  We have often seen people keep a bottle of water with food and drink full water while eating.  It is completely wrong to do so.  Never drink water with food.  This slows down the digestion of food.  If you feel the need to drink water, just drink one or two sips of water.  Also try to drink warm water.

 Drink water before meals

  If you want to reduce your obesity, remember to never drink water with food.  Always drink water half an hour before a meal, then about half an hour after a pooja or 1 hour after a meal.  Water greatly reduces the total energy that increases metabolism.

 What is the proper condition for drinking water

  Drinking water while standing is also harmful to health.  By doing so, a person complains of joint pain.  So always drink water while sitting and relaxing.

  One should not drink a lot of water at once, it is better to drink water with sips instead.  Drinking plenty of water can make you feel heavy, dizzy or drowsy.


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