Know these 10 benefits of cloves

Clove, commonly used in Mukhavas or worship lessons, is also a very beneficial medicine for your health. According to a research, clove has the highest amount of phenolic compound, the best antioxidant, compared to other spices, which is beneficial for your health. It protects you from premature aging, and prevents wrinkles. Apart from this, there are many benefits of cloves, let's know -


  1. The use of cloves helps in arthritis, spasms in the body parts, reducing swelling and inflammation of the joints. The flavonoids present in it reduce inflammation by eliminating cramps. That is why many doctors also recommend massaging clove oil in such a situation.
  2. Consumption of boiled water of cloves or burnt cloves is also beneficial in throat pain, burning in the esophagus and painful cough. It is useful to eat roasted cloves with honey in case of vomiting or nausea. Due to this, the stomach and abdomen become numb for some time, due to which the nausea gradually subsides.
  3. According to research, cloves can also prove to be very beneficial for major diseases like asthma, cholera and tuberculosis. Boiling cloves in water, drinking it gives relief in cholera. The use of clove in cough also removes phlegm easily.
  4. Clove works as a good pain reliever in any type of pain. If there is pain in the teeth, keeping a cotton wool soaked in clove oil at that place provides relief in pain. Apart from this, in case of headache, rubbing cloves with salt and milk provides relief.
  5. Clove is helpful in controlling blood pressure. It keeps the body temperature stable by speeding up the circulation. Clove proves to be an effective remedy in case of low blood pressure.
  6. Clove is rich in antiseptic, antibiotic and anti fungal properties, which when used in fungal infections, cuts, burns, wounds, itching etc., eliminates germs and heals the affected area quickly. Clove oil mixed with coconut oil is applied on the concerned place.
  7. Clove oil is also used in aroma therapy. Its fragrance is used to treat diseases like bronchitis, sinusitis, phlegm, asthma. Smelling its fragrance in headache also provides benefits.
  8. Clove is also used in conditions like digestive problems, flatulence, etc.
  9. It is very beneficial to drink a decoction of cloves when a cold settles in the body, or when phlegm accumulates in the lungs. It produces heat in the body. But consuming too much of it can also spoil your health by creating excessive heat.
  10. Clove also works to purify the blood. Apart from this, it also controls the amount of sugar in the blood, so clove is beneficial in diabetes.


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