Knowing Water Decal - motif coating for helmets

WHAT DOES THE WATER DECAL MEAN? Decal comes from the word di kæl, di kəl, kl dɛ / or which means to transfer (transfer in English) is a plastic, cloth, paper or ceramic substrate that has been printed on it a pattern that can be transferred to the surface of an object. the media to be printed, usually with the aid of heat or water.

The word Decal stands for decalcomania. The word decalcomania comes from the French word decalquer, and was invented by Simon François Ravenet around 1750. And continued to grow as long as decal became popular in the late 1800s. At this time, decal transfer paper has been created as an important medium in the printing process from printers to many types of ceramic, wood, vinyl, etc. media.


The digital screen printing technique with Water Decal is different from what we know before, namely by using a press machine or sublimation technique. Although the actual goal is the same, namely to print on the media according to what we want. The advantage of using a water decal is that the media to be printed is more flexible, even easy to transfer to curved or round media. In addition, this method does not require equipment / machinery and is simple.


Most helmet manufacturers, use decals to create a helmet motif / pattern. Helmet manufacturers use a lot of decals because the elasticity of the decals is different from that of regular stickers or paper. The decal tends to be thinner and has a high level of elasticity so that it can follow the round shape of the helmet. With these techniques we can create various helmet designs according to consumer desires. then we will coat the water slide again with a special clear coating for the helmet. so the result looks like a factory made. In addition, custom helmets are also durable, weather resistant and not easily damaged.

It's easy to apply a water decal so many are interested in changing the helmet motif like the one used by MotoGP racers now.


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