Knowledge is life. 10 Life-Saving Tips

Knowledge is life. 10 Life-Saving Tips 


An unforeseen situation can occur in everyone's life. And in a good way, you need to be ready for anything. We have selected ten tips, each of which may one day save your life, but we hope that nothing like this will ever happen to you. 


1. Gas leak 

You come home and smell a specific gas odor? Never turn on any lights or other electrical appliances. Any spark can cause an explosion. By the way, for the same reason, lights (and other appliances) should not be turned off if they are already on. The best thing to do in this situation is to open all the windows and call the gas service.  


2. Stabbing 

It doesn't matter how the knife ended up in your body. The main thing to remember in this situation is that you should not pull it out yourself. Being in the tissues it acts as a "plug" that holds back the bleeding. If you pull out the knife, you risk bleeding and you won't make it to the doctor. 


3. Aircraft landing 

During landing the aircraft on the water surface do not inflate the life jacket until you have left the cabin. If you're in an inflated vest and water is rushing in, you could be trapped in the cabin and pinned against the ceiling. 


4. Where to sit better

Speaking of the plane. The seats in its tail provide a very high chance of survival during a crash. According to statistics, if a crash happens during takeoff or landing (and these are the times when problems most often occur), the chance of dying for passengers sitting in the tail is only 21%. 


5. Meeting a bear 

When traveling in the wilderness, such as picking mushrooms, don't be silent. Notify wild animals of your presence by singing, talking, or ringing a bell (tie it to your backpack), and they will bypass you. But if an encounter with one of them (for example, a bear) happened, first of all, don't run. You will not be able to escape. Secondly, do not throw anything at him since you will provoke aggression. The best thing is to keep the beast in sight and begin to retreat slowly.  


6. Bitten by an animal 

If you are bitten by any animal, from a stray cat to a wild squirrel, go to the doctor immediately to get vaccinated against rabies. Rabies has no symptoms during the incubation period and when the disease is already suspected, treatment is pointless - only death is possible. 


7. Suspicious cab driver 

Sitting in a cab and suspecting the driver of criminal intentions? Make a phone call to someone and casually tell him/her the number of the car you're riding in. There is a high probability that in this situation the suspicious driver will not commit a crime, even if he intended to. By the way, don't forget to remember the license plate numbers of unfamiliar cars you get into. 


8. Flashlight instead of a weapon 

A mini flashlight with a bright beam can help better than pepper spray. Especially when it comes to defense in the dark. A beam of light directed into the eyes of the offender will blind him and give you a few minutes to save yourself. 


9. Exit a Space 

Walking into any confined space - a cinema, a store or a bus, always notice the signs indicating an emergency exit so that in case of emergency you will not join the stream of maddened crowd, but calmly get out of the room and show the way to the others.  


10. The Rule of Three 

And always remember that a person can survive without air for three minutes, for three days without water, and for three weeks without food. Calculate your rescue plan based on this. Take care of yourself!


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