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Kristina Pimenova has more subscribers on Instagram than her colleagues Natalia Vodianova and Claudia Schiffer . And this is not surprising, because the girl is one of the most sought-after child models, whose popularity is growing by leaps and bounds   “The most beautiful girl in the world,” as Christina is often called (thanks to the Daily Mail portal, which awarded her this title), was born in the capital of Russia on December 27, 2005, and was raised with her older sister Natalya, who is now studying in the UK.

Christina’s mother, Glikeria, is not involved in the modeling business, although some fans of Pimenova, due to the charming appearance of her parent, were sure of the opposite. It is known that the homemaker is an economist by training, but at the moment she is not working in her specialty, but is engaged in housekeeping.

Christina’s dad, Ruslan Pimenov, is a famous football player who took part in the 2002 World Cup. He played for Lokomotiv Moscow, FC Metz, Alania, Dynamo Moscow and Dynamo Minsk. His track record includes many prestigious awards: he is the winner of the Russian Cup (1999-2000, 2000-2001), the Russian Super Cup (2003), and has also been awarded the title of silver medalist more than once. When Christina was very young, the family moved to France because her dad played for the Metz team. The future star did not stay there long: when the blue-eyed girl was one year old, she and her parents returned back to Moscow.

It is known that, in addition to the modeling business, the daughter of Ruslan Valerievich, generously gifted by nature, was fond of (but stopped in 2015) rhythmic gymnastics at the “Olga Kapranova School” and more than once won prizes in competitions.

But due to her busy schedule, she had to leave the training; Christina had so little time that she had to have lunch in the car while Glikeria took her to the circle. Despite frequent trips abroad, Pimenova tries to master school material in full.  It is worth noting that, according to some information, the relationship between Christina’s parents has reached a dead end. Rumor has it that Ruslan and Glikeria decided to live separately and have been officially divorced for a long time. The reason for the breakup of the marriage is unknown. The footballer admitted in an interview that he has a warm and friendly relationship with his ex-wife.

Model business


When Christina was little and walked in a dress with her mother hand in hand, people often came up to Glikeria and asked if her daughter had starred on the covers of magazines or in some film. After such questions from passersby became frequent, Glikeria realized that this was not without reason, and sent photographs of her beloved child to children’s modeling agencies, and then in 2009 she sent her daughter to Presidentkids. Some journalists, thirsty for sensations and gossip, used to say that Christina’s mother insisted that the girl go into the modeling business, wanting to earn extra money in this way.  According to the ex-wife of Ruslan Pimenov, little Christina initially liked the filming process. After all, in the modeling business, appearance does not play a fundamental role; a person must also have talent and, most importantly, enjoy his own profession.

Initially, Christina perceived modeling as a kind of game, because the shooting took place with other children, it was noisy and fun. But, despite being overtired, which is typical for a child, Christina calmly posed in front of the photographers’ lenses. People who managed to work with the talented girl noted that Pimenova has innate photogenicity and professionalism. When Christina matured a little, she began to take her field more seriously     In 2010, Zhanna Romashka, a photographer who often photographed the girl, suggested that she try her luck and send pictures to a modeling agency in Italy. Thus, Pimenova became one of the first children in Russia to sign a contract with B-TalentScout in Milan.

Christina’s first serious work was shooting for the famous Silvian Heach kids store, which turned out to be very productive; photographs with Christina were replete around the city: the girl, dressed in fashionable clothes, appeared on numerous banners and on buses    After such a fantastic success, offers to Christina poured in as if from a cornucopia. She became almost the most popular girl model who collaborated with fashion gurus Roberto Cavalli , Armani , Dolce & Gabbana and many others. It got to the point that the model’s biography began to be shown on federal channels, and journalists began lining up to take the coveted interview with Pimenova.

In the winter of 2015, Christina took part in the children's fashion exhibition Pitti Immagine Bimbo, and in the spring the miniature girl (height – 155 cm) starred for the covers of the publications “VOGUE children”, “ELLE kids”, etc.

It is noteworthy that not so long ago a game for girls, Kristina Dress Up, was released in the AppStore and GooglePlay applications, where Kristina needs to choose an outfit.   It is worth noting that working as a model is similar to acting with a director’s camera, because in certain photographs you need to transform into the image specified by the photographer. Pimenova did a good job: in the photographs she can be seen in the guise of Marilyn Monroe , Charlie Chaplin and the young Madonna 


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