Kucoin Has Introduced Direct Deposits in Us Dollars From Debit and Credit Cards

The global cryptocurrency exchange KuCoin has released a new option KuCoin Fiat. This feature allows holders around the world to make deposits in dollars instantly from debit and credit cards. Thanks to this, holders can pick up cryptocurrencies with great comfort, including Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), USDT and many others.

The crypto industry is developing rapidly under the pressure of growing global growth, while facing a multiplicity of problems. One of the main obstacles that the charm needs is the ability to convert fiat money into cryptocurrency.

In this regard, a convenient harmless fiat channel with low transaction fees has been created. Thus, the Fiat Account function debuted on KuCoin to complement the components of the offer related to fiat, such as P2P fiat trading.

"Being a "people's exchange", KuCoin continues to improve the service of all classes of crypto investors, external simple and advanced products with lower fees."

"The KuCoin Fiat feature will help attract more investors capable of mass adoption of cryptocurrencies," noted KuCoin Global CEO Johnny Liu.

The KuCoin Fiat snack will support US dollars. Thanks to this, Mastercard or Visa holders will be able to implement dolls directly on KuCoin, excluding the stage of their conversion of assets into their favorite supported crypto assets with the help of Fast Viu. In the future, KuCoin plans to integrate another 50 fiat currencies, including Australian dollars, euros, rubles and pounds sterling.

To send this event, KuCoin will hold an action from 18:00 on November 2 to 18:00 on November 5, 2021 (UTC). During this period, the first 100 users who buy USDT via Kucoin Fiat with Mastercard, Visa or Balance will receive a 50% discount on their purchase.


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