Kuirdak: recipe

To cook kuirdak Kazakh-style, you will need the following ingredients: Lamb heart - 200 g Liver - 300 g Lungs - 300 g Potatoes - 500 g Parsley - 1-2 buns Ground black pepper - to taste Onions - 2 pcs. Tomatoes - 200 gr Garlic - 1 head Bay leaf - to taste Veal fat - 50-100 gr.

Straight to the point - how to cook kuryrdak of meat: First, heat the cauldron and melt the fat of sheep fat. At this time, cut the heart, lungs and liver into cubes 2-3 cm in size. Remove from the cauldron fried fat and throw the lungs and heart. The liver should be kept because it cooks faster. Onions are cut in rings, tomatoes are sliced and added to the meat. Thoroughly mix everything. Next, chop parsley and garlic and send it to the cauldron. Salt, pepper and stir again. Then we stew over medium heat for half an hour. During these 30 minutes we chop potatoes and pour them into cauldron together with liver. After that, you need to add 150 ml of water and add fire. The dish is considered ready, once the potatoes are cooked. The main thing in cooking - do not overcook the meat. To do this, watch the amount of liquid in the cauldron. If you see that the juice from the food is boiling quickly, reduce the intensity of the fire and add water. Serve the kuryrdak quickly, before it gets cold. It's good to wash it down with tea. Enjoy your appetite and have a happy celebration!


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