Kurka with sauerkraut and gorillas in pita bread

We've told you many times how to make quick and easy stews like kurka or any other meat with vegetables or sauces in pita bread. But this recipe has really surprised us. It is very fresh and unconventional due to the addition of lime, honey and sauerkraut. An unusual combination, isn't it?


Pita bread - 6 sheets.

Chicken breasts - 500 g

White cabbage - 0.5 cauliflower.

Picked peanuts or kesh'yu - 2 tbsp.

Boiled or canned sauerkraut - 100 g

Basil - bunch

Parsley - bunch


Honey - 1 tbsp.

Lime - 1 pc.



Method of cooking:

Braise chicken breast in gravy until tender. When the meat is done, cut it into small pieces. Shred the cabbage, pour honey and lime juice over it and add a few thinly sliced lime peels. Dip in the gorilla and mix with the sauerkraut.

Mix the sauerkraut and sauerkraut mixture with the chunks of chicken, add the finely chopped herbs and simmer for about ten minutes on a low heat under a crisper. Season with salt and pepper. Our filling is ready.

Fill the received mixture into the sheets of lavash and fry on the griddle for about 5 x twins under a crisk. Done! Enjoy!


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