Land of Knowledge

From August 2019 to May 2020, with the support of the "Russian World" Foundation, electronic versions of 10 issues of the popular science magazine for young people "Country of Knowledge" were created and placed on the Internet portal


Scientists, professors and students from the leading universities of Ukraine and Russia were involved in writing the popular science articles of the magazine Country of Knowledge. Each article was edited with account of its availability for understanding of the youth audience.


The target audience of the project is high school students, teachers, parents and everyone who is interested in popular science literature in Ukraine, Russia and other countries whose residents are interested in reading about science in Russian.


Among the readers of the magazine are residents of Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belarus, USA, Uzbekistan, France, Germany, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova.


The Country of Knowledge magazine website has been included in the WebLandia for children and parents. The best children's websites. This is a project of the Russian State Children's Library and libraries of the Russian Federation serving children. "WebLandiya" is a thematic catalog, which children's librarians of the Russian Federation select by strict criteria interesting and safe sites for children.


After the inclusion of the site in the recommendation resource for children and parents "WebLandia. Best Children's Websites", the traffic increased dramatically.


Reading popular science magazines shapes the craving for knowledge, scientific outlook, the ability to read scientific literature, raises an educated, dignified citizen who knows the history of science and strives to develop it.


Young people get an opportunity to read popular science articles in Russian, to learn better the culture of Russia, the achievements of Russian science, to form a scientific worldview, to realize the craving for knowledge, to get help to choose their way into science.


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