Latest update in CS:GO



- Introducing Operation Gap Current with new maps, new missions, and new experiences in your favorite modes! Activate your Operation Breakthrough Current pass and complete missions to earn rewards including new agents, weapon collections, stickers and patches.



Private Queues for Premier Mode.

- Create a queue code and share it with your friends to create a private match for Premier Mode.

- Or select one of your Steam groups and play a match exclusively with other members of that group.


[Short matchmaking]

- Added an option to select the duration of the matchmaking: Short ( 16 rounds ), Long ( 30 rounds ), or both at once.



- Added a choice of classic deathmatch, team deathmatch (first team with 100 kills wins), and free-for-all (all players are your enemies).


[Object destruction]

- Reduced maximum number of rounds to 10 and removed change of sides.

- Reduced the duration of rounds (from 1.5 to 1.25 minutes).

- Changed the order of obtaining weapons.


[Race of arms]

- Changed the order of obtaining weapons.

- Players now receive a syringe after three kills.



- Grenades can now be thrown in the same way as weapons.

- Vision duration after death is reduced from 3.0 s to 2.0 s (after receiving a headshot - from 1.0 s to 0.5 s).

- Deagle.

- Reduced body damage (from 63 to 53).

- M4A1-S.

- Increased damage to the body (from 33 to 38).

- Dual Elites

- Reduced price (from $400 to $300).

- Shield

- Added the ability to buy a shield in 'Hostages' mode.



- 'Country' has been added to 'Danger Zone' game mode.

- 'Basalt' and 'Insertion II' have been added to the competitive, casual and lethal game modes.

- 'Ravine' and 'Extraction' have been added to the 'Partners' game mode.

- The following maps are no longer available in the official player selection mode: Grind, Mocha, Pitstop, Calavera, and Frostbite.


Dust 2:

- Removed the ability to see midlane from T spawn.

- Improved visibility to the back of point B from the top tunnel (aka tekki).



- Added a gate to the cement bag area on the banana.

- Reworked arena version 1 on 1.

- Minor bugs fixed.



- Increased the size of the place to place a bomb at both locations.

- Fixed shooting on wooden surfaces.

- Further optimization.

- Added 1 on 1 arena.




- Worsened characteristics of bots in 'Defenders' mode (increased reaction time, intervals, etc.), but not their intelligence - they will still remember your most used positions, throwing high and clever grenades, etc.

- Cache map: reduced "min cpu/gpu level" parameters. I can assume that this will affect the number of rendered objects at different graphics settings (+ performance). Also, increase the opacity of the light at some source.

- Enabled file caching modeling 'Classical Knife', as well as removing pre-caching unnecessary replica files.

- Now in defender mode, bots will probably be allowed to put a bomb not only on the usual bombsites, but in other places. They will be marked with an X.

- As I understand it, added new camera positions at the end of the round and for speculators.

- Added new lines of agents.

- Localization has been updated for many languages, including Russian. I have no way to see the changes, because it affected more than 36K strings.

- Added new convars to 'white list': mp_fraglimit, mp_dronegun_stop, mp_guardian_bomb_plant_new_bounds.

- Updated game libraries for Linux.


Now about players dropping out of the match 


It was found out that this error was caused by the fact that after the client update the anti-cheat system marked all of the non-standard files in the game client, including custom weapons and models of operatives/terrorists as potentially dangerous.

The main complaint of the players was the fact that after the kick, following the error, they received a temporary ban for searching competitive games and demotion of the rank.

The solution to the problem was found: it is recommended to go in the file manager of the operating system to Program Files(x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Counter-Strike Global Offensive\csgo\ and delete the folders models and materials, previously creating a backup of them. After that, check the integrity of the game's files through the context menu in Steam.


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