Lemon: Benefits and Harm

Both lemon peel and lemon juice and the pulp of the fruit have numerous useful properties, which are due to the abundance of biologically active substances.

    Lemons are a natural healer in the fight against colds. At the first symptoms of ailments come to the aid of tea with lemon. But not only during the illness is good this fruit. It helps to strengthen the body's defenses and is a great way to prevent colds. How to consume lemons to maximize the benefits? You can eat the fruit sliced or cut into slices or add it to a warm tea, which will be rich not only in vitamin C, but also other useful substances. Their intake in the body will help to activate the immune system and all the resources of the body for a speedy recovery. The diaphoretic effect of lemons is used to lower the temperature, which also helps the body to fight the disease.
    Lemons have a range of actions on various foci of infection, helps to fight angina in its initial stages. The fruit has anti-inflammatory and disinfecting effects, which allows you to resist the formation of pus in the early stages of the disease. At the first signs of sore throat, lemon juice is added to gargles and eaten abundantly. Slow chewing of lemon peel will be helpful. After such a procedure, it is not recommended to drink or eat for an hour. This way, the citric acid and essential oils contained in the fruit will be able to perform their function when interacting with the mucous membranes of the throat.
    Lemons are a source of iron and potassium. This property of the tropical fruit helps increase the number of red blood cells and strengthen the walls of blood vessels. Lemons help maintain normal blood pressure and heart function naturally.
    This fruit is an excellent antioxidant that, thanks to its high ascorbic acid content, helps in eliminating free radicals and slowing down aging. Consumption of lemons helps to replenish energy deficit, saturate it with useful substances and get rid of harmful cholesterol.
    Lemons are beneficial to the upper layers of the epidermis and hair. The essential oil obtained from the fruit is used in the treatment of acne and acne, promotes healing in thermal burns and various violations of the integrity of the skin. Lemon juice has a cosmetic effect, helping to whiten and rejuvenate the skin.

Can lemons be harmful?
The harm

Lemons belong to the citrus fruits, so they have contraindications to their use, which are due to their features. You should not include lemons in your daily diet:

    If you suffer from peptic ulcer disease (stomach and 12 duodenal) and other GI diseases, in which sour fruit is contraindicated. Acceptance of the fruit is strictly limited in these cases, because it can provoke such unpleasant symptoms as pain, cramps and heartburn.
    If you have problems with tooth enamel. The acid contained in lemons negatively affects its condition. Therefore, dentists recommend brushing your teeth and rinsing thoroughly after consuming the fruit to keep your teeth healthy.
    If the inflammatory process has progressed from the initial phase to the acute phase. Lemons are an excellent assistant in the fight against the beginning of sore throat, but when the inflammatory process is already pronounced, its use will only increase the general irritation, and may also provoke a worsening of pain and even provoke bleeding wounds, preventing their healing in every possible way.
    If you suffer from acute or chronic pancreatitis. The consumption of fruit is a powerful stimulant of cleansing processes in the liver, so it is excluded from the diet during exacerbation of pancreatic diseases.
    If you are prone to develop allergic reactions and suffer from individual intolerance of this fruit.

    If you do not abuse lemons, their regular consumption helps to maintain immunity and strengthen the body's defenses. However, in case of gastrointestinal problems and in the acute phase of an inflammatory process, the citric acid contained in the fruit will do more harm than good.


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