Let the Holy Spirit and God Favor Lead You, Not You Strength

Then Samuel took the horn of oil and anointed him in the midst of his brothers; and the Spirit of the LORD came upon David from that day forward. 1 Samuel 16:13.


Let’s quickly look at the following lessons:


We put in a lot of effort and pursue a lot of things that are supposed to change our lives, but the more we struggle, the more things do not go as planned. One anointing changed the course of David's life.


According to the Bible, when Samuel went to his house and anointed him as king, his entire world changed. Our labours would be in vain, brethren, but the anointing would make a difference.


 It's worth noting that David didn't go looking for Samuel. Samuel would rather go after David in order to anoint him and change his fate. Just one more blessing!


Ladies and gentlemen, if we would honour God, obey His word, and simply focus on what our hands have discovered to do for a living, His blessings would come looking for us until they found us. We won't have to go out looking for blessings. David concentrated on his menial job as a shepherd. Your job may be low-paying, but if you work hard enough, Samuel will come after you and anoint you for greater blessing.


It is also important for us to recognise that man cannot make things happen outside of God's time. Man can only struggle if God's appointed time has not passed. Nothing good could come from such a struggle. David served until the appointed time for his coronation as king arrived. Continue to serve, because your time will come.


Also, not everyone has to like you, and you can't force people who aren't supposed to like you to. Those who would like you would go out of their way to find you. Samuel was the one who went in search of David. So stop trying so hard to please people and imposing yourself on them. Stop focusing on who is against you and start focusing on who is on your side. Remember that if God is on your side, those who oppose you are merely ants in the face of a tiger. 


You cannot open a door that God has closed, and you cannot close a door that God has opened. So, do not force anything. David hadn’t done anything to please Samuel to anoint him. He simply went about his work and honoured God.


Let us also honour God in everything we do and carry out our responsibilities with honesty and integrity. Our Samuel would come looking for us one day, wanting to bless us so that we could completely change our world and destiny.


Consider this and engage in some self-reflection. You would realise that the best things that ever happened to humanity were not necessarily the results of our efforts. They arrive because it was predetermined that they would. Do not be overly concerned or desperate about that position or anything else. Honor God, do your work, and let blessings pursue you rather than you chasing a whirlwind.


The Lord bless us all.

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