Let them say we are bad

Love or love is good and meaningful at first, even if we do something wrong, they still say it is right, because the first love makes them have compassion and love us because their hearts are full of emotions and intimacy They often value us as important people in their lives, but you do not trust or trust him too much, because the time is still walking, they can also change according to the circumstances, if one day they are tired of loving you then. You will see their true nature.


 Life in love is always wrong and there is no perfect partner. If you are still in love, even if you are alone, you will still make mistakes. As long as you have two lives, it will make you more guilty. More so because if you are tolerant or understanding and give opportunities, whether you or someone else, sometimes the crisis in your partner's life can get better as long as you do not take a bad view. Come into life.


 Therefore, you should not think or take bad things into your heart without knowing what they come into your life for, but if they come good or love you sincerely, then you will regret it later, but if they come To take your love for a joke, or just a momentary feeling, you will be heartbroken or hurt for a short time only to forget them and also be able to start a new life with happiness and peace, but those who are hurt will He is the one who is not satisfied, there is one and he wants to have another, a crisis or a problem that drives him to the end, even if he regrets it, he has no chance for life. Do not humble yourself because of their words.


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