Review – Shorten URLs And Earn Money Online [LEGIT]

Linkrex is a paying URL shortener that pays the user every time someone clicks on their links. This website pays users to share shortened URLs on the internet. This link shortener is one of the fastest growing link shortener service, behind its popularity is their payout rates and quality. I like Linkrex because of some features like this website pays Upto $15/1000 views, nice customer support, high CPM rates, minimum payout, good tools.

How To Earn Money :-

  • Click Here To Create Account
  • Now figure out what kind of links you will be shrinking and how you plan on sharing them.
  • Paste the long URL in the appropriate area and shrink the URL.
  • Copy and share the new monetized link to start earning.

Linkrex Features :-

  • High commission compared to other networks.
  • Don’t have to wait for the account approval.
  • User-friendly interface and interesting tools.
  • Referral System with high payout.
  • Real-time statistics to be aware about your earnings.

Payment Information :-

  • Publishers will receive payments on time from Linkrex.
  • Payments are Processed on a request basis.
  • Linkrex uses 4 payment methods including PayPal, Paytm, Payoneer & Bitcoin.
  • Linkrex minimum cashout limit is $5.

More Details :-

  • Publishers will get high cpm rates (Upto $15 for 1000 views).
  • Its minimum payout rate is $3 for 1000 views.
  • Its commission types include CPC and CPM.
  • Publishers will get 25% referral commission to refer others.

Ways To Earn From Short Links :-

  • You can earn by sharing your link on FB groups, Google plus, twitter and wherever people gathers. Try to choose an interesting source. So that you will get a higher Click Through Rate.
  • Just shorten the link of all your blog posts, when someone asks for your blog or post links, give them the shortened link.
  • Do you have a blog? Then there is also a tool available in linkrex. Install and automate all the shortening.

Paypal Payment Proof


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