Review – URL Shortening Network [LEGIT] is a monetized adult link shortener service that pays the user every time someone clicks on their links. This website pays users to share shortened URLs on the internet. This link shortener is one of the fastest growing link shortener service, behind its popularity is their concept and responsive UI.
The revenue models of this network are CPC, CPM and URL Shortener.

Click Here To Register Features :-

  • High commission compared to other networks.
  • Don’t have to wait for the account approval.
  • User-friendly interface and interesting tools.
  • Referral System with advanced tracking.
  • Low minimum payout & Bonus.
  • Real-time statistics to be aware about your earnings.

Payment Information :-

  • Publishers will receive payments on time from Linkxxx.
  • Payments are Processed on a request basis.
  • Linkxxx uses 3 payout methods including PayPal, ETH & Bitcoin.
  • Linkxxx minimum cashout limit is $5.

Tools :-

  • Mass Shrinker
  • Quick link Short
  • Full page script
  • API documentation
  • Web analytics
  • More

Highlighted Terms And Conditions :-

  • Linkxxx must not host any illegal content like child p*rnography, spam, malware, spyware and adware.
  • The publishers must not spam shortened links on forums, websites or blogs. Anything which is fair promotion is acceptable.
  • The publishers must follow certain guidelines in bringing traffic to shortened links.
  • Redirect loops are strictly prohibited.
  • You must not click on your own links.

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