Lose 10 kg in just one week is realistic if you stick to the rules and menu from this article

To lose 10 kg in just 1 week is realistic if you stick to the rules and menus from this article. 

What do you need to eat to lose 10 kg in a week? Experts say there are diets that really help to lose weight quickly. But before you apply them, still think carefully. This is a very strict diet and it will be hard to deprive your body of those tasty treats to which it is already used to. And after the diet you will have to keep the lost weight for some time, and otherwise all the lost kilograms will easily come back. If a woman wants to lose 10 kilos in a week, she should remember that first of all she will lose a lot of weight not the problem areas that she wanted to lose. Lose weight in face, chest, arms, and then the hips and abdomen. In order that the process took place more intensively in combination with the diet you can use special exercises for the problem areas. So, let us tell you about several effective diets.


Buckwheat diet


All its superiority is that you can eat buckwheat as much as you want and even as soon as the feeling of wild hunger breaks out. It is also easy to cook it. You will need: one cup of washed buckwheat groats and boiling water. Soak the groats and leave them for 12 hours. Do not add salt or other spices to improve the taste, as well as butter and other vegetable fats. It is allowed to drink kefir, but only nonfat, as well as plain water in unlimited quantities, herbal teas. If you feel like it, you are allowed to have a cup of coffee or black tea with a teaspoon of honey. You can eat fruits, except bananas and grapes, and no more than 2-3 pieces per day. For example, apples, grapefruit, or oranges. The first meal should be no sooner than 3 hours after awakening, and the last no later than 6 p.m. or 4 hours before going to bed. 


Soup diet


As a diet meal, you can prepare a special vegetarian soup that burns extra calories. Recipe for fat-burning soup: You will need: 6 small onions; tomatoes; cabbage; 2 sweet peppers; celery; a cube of vegetable broth. Preparation process: cut all the vegetables into small cubes and pour water. Salt, add pepper and boil for 10 minutes. Then turn down the heat and simmer until the vegetables are ready. Before serving you can add a small amount of any greens. Menu of soup diet: First day: unlimited amount of soup and fruit, except bananas and grapes, no more than 3-4 pieces a day. Second day: Soup, fruit and allowed to eat some baked potatoes for lunch (about 2-3 potatoes).


Day three: Soup, fruit. Day four: Soup, vegetables, fruit and 1 banana. Day five: Soup and about 200 grams of boiled chicken. Day Six: Any vegetables except potatoes and boiled chicken. Day Seven: Brown rice, vegetables and any unsweetened fruit juice. Rice can be eaten alone or added to soup.


Kefir-Apple Diet

One of the most popular and delicious diets, especially for apple lovers. The diet itself is designed for 9 days. All meals will be divided into three days. The first three days: 1.5 liters of skimmed kefir daily, the next three days: 1.5 kilograms of apples daily, the next three days: 1.5 liters of kefir daily. The pluses of this diet is the complete absence of carbohydrates, the fat will go much faster and the body will work in double mode. And the downside is that it is not really good for the body as a whole. Headaches and dizziness may be noted. Cucumber diet On cucumbers, you can lose up to 10 pounds in a week. These vegetables contain a lot of water. Once in the body, the water goes back out with the water that has accumulated in the body. It is hard to believe, but with any diet, up to 3-4 kilograms of water alone can come out in the first three days. However, this is a tough type of diet, because the feeling of hunger will be constant. You can blunt it by making healthy snacks with fresh fruit, except for bananas and grapes, as well as vegetables, except for potatoes and eggplants. Note, for most people, 10 kg in 7 days is not only an unattainable, but also a dangerous result. Three to four kilos is a result that will not shock your body. Live in harmony with yourself and don't chase big numbers, which then turn into health problems.


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