Magic number for attracting money

People have greatly appreciated numbers since ancient times. After all, whether we believe in numerology or not, numbers can affect our lives. Of course, a person has always been curious about what number can become his talisman, what number can be a symbol of good luck: the number is the partner, the number is the patron. When it comes to money, we especially need such a patron. After all, money is inextricably linked with numbers and it's fair to think that there is a connection between numbers that allows you to attract as many banknotes into your life as possible.


Remember that the powerful number seven will help you achieve your prosperity and financial well-being. Since ancient times, it has been considered divine.


Think about it: God created the Earth in seven days, all the music in the world consists of seven notes, the rainbow consists of seven shades, and there have always been seven wonders of the world and even seven deadly sins, and so on. The number 7 was created to inspire others to innovate. It is a symbol of achievement and exceptional luck. And it often brings good luck in financial problems. As a result, it is vital to enlist her help as soon as possible. To always have money in your wallet, use red paste or a felt-tip pen to write the number “seven” on the inside.


It is desirable that the wallet be made of genuine leather, since the number will last forever, does not spread and does not wear off. If you have a tendency to throw small change in your clothing pocket, embroider a seven on the inside of your pocket and you can bet your income will skyrocket. The number "seven" on your computer desktop, among your office documents, in the quantity of goods on the souvenir shelf - these "seven elephants", half-forgotten these days - a guarantee that you will improve your financial condition.


Surround yourself in life with this mysterious and fun figure to attract more and more money. Have seven pairs of different colored socks, seven bachelorette girls, seven plates or cups on the kitchen shelf, seven images from the previous week, seven little cacti on the windowsill, seven organizer pens - whatever you want, seven in total! In this situation, you can expect that in the near future you will be pleasantly pleased with the level of your income. Getting rich is easy! - I love number seven. Then she will love you back.


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