Make money by selling T-shirt designs

If you are a graphic designer, can open a shop and sell your designs printed on t-shirts, apparel and accesories, caps, mugs, badges, phone covers, stickers.

First you join and open a shop (free), submit your design and promote your shop/designs. If somebody come and buys a product from your shop inventory, the site print and ship the t-shirt (or other product with your design printed on) and you get paid a commission.

Commission you get is usually the price buyer pays minus product cost, printing and shipping.

Some of the best print on demand sites are:



Caffe Press

Red Bubble




  • you get paid a commission when a product is bought, printed and shipped through the site
  • different rules and policies applies so you might not be able to always sell the same design on multiple places
  • have to promote your shop and designs
  • can join competitions and win a prize


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