Make money publish a book

If you are good at writing you can write a book and self publish it.

You'll need just a free word processor (Openoffice Writer or simmilar). Get a book template first. The book can be a digital format ebook (a PDF file) or use the default .DOC format if you plan to have a paper edition.

Your book can be about anything, just have to pick a category and start writing. 

Design a book cover.

Create an author bio and add it at the back cover or at the end of your book/ebook and on the publisher site later.

You can publish and sell your book or offer it for free.

If want to sell your book/ebook Amazon KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) is the one stop place where you can publish your ebook or paper back book for free and start earning when somebody buy your book/ebook, read it in whole or just a portion of it.

If decide to offer your ebook for free, is one of the places where you can submit your free ebook. If want to monetize your free ebook can add few affiliate links to get commisions if clicked.



  • don't expect to earn much as you need to promote your book to get readers. If your book is good, interesting, useful or solve problems, earnings will grow
  • promotion is a must for your book to get noticed
  • books can be submited on several places (including your site) if publisher allows it in his terms
  • books that get readers can be a way for a steady residual passive income
  • free ebooks can be combined together with a course, an app or another useful resource and offered as affiliate products on Clickbank


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