Make PSP no Lag When Played

PSP or abbreviated as Playstation Portable is a game console that has pretty good graphics. With only an emulator people can already play it. But for those who have a cellphone under 1 gigabyte. Of course there will be a situation where suddenly there is a traffic jam in the middle of the game. This is because the cpu is not strong enough to run continuously. How to solve it : 

1. There is a choice of buffered rendering and non-buffered

Play the game you want to play. Go to settings and select graphics. Some games require buffered rendering and some don't. Try selecting non buffered. If the image is black then this cannot be used. This will reduce the smoothness of the image but can make the game faster.

2. Hardware transfrom, software skinning , and vertex cache

Check these three sections. If there is a glitch or other terms, the image is broken in the game. Then don't check the vertex cache.

3. Frameskip

Some sometimes require a frameskip setting. Choose from 0 to 1 or 3. This can make the game run smoother. Although sometimes the process can run above normal.

4. Check System

Go to settings and select system. Are fast memory and I/O Treads checked? If not check both. This will make a big change to the game. Under I/O Treads there are several options, try one by one if the game is still slow

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