Making money as a freelancer

A freelancer is a person with a skill that pays. This could be design development, translation of text from a foreign language, website creation, advertising setup, etc.

If you don't have an expert skill, then mediation comes into play.

Mediation is finding clients for your expert for a certain, fixed percentage.

A specialist is a person who has an expert skill and is in search of clients.

Infographics the role of an intermediary between the customer and the doer:

Example for clarity:

Petya (customer) - looking for a good specialist to develop a website at a reasonable price.

Vasya (doer) - an expert on the sites. Work very good, the skill is pumped, there is a portfolio, but the trouble is, no customers, and he even has no idea where to find them.

Dasha (mediator) - knows exactly where to find clients (customers), because she - mediator. She will easily and happily help Vasya and find clients for him (Peter), taking a certain percentage of the fee.

That's all.

The scheme seems simple, you are looking for clients for a specialist in a particular niche and get paid for it, but is it really that easy? It really isn't. The main thing is to be confident in what you're doing, be able to communicate with people and have a desire to work. And with the step-by-step plan below, it's even easier.

Choosing a niche:

Answer yourself the question: what's closer to you? Websites, logos, producing, copywriting? Or maybe all at once? The top most in-demand freelance niches in which you can make money through mediation:

Web design and layout.

Websites (creation, promotion, maintenance).

SMM (content creation, maintenance and promotion of accounts, advertising).

Setting up advertising (Yandex, Google Ads, targeting advertising Vkontakte, Instagram, Facebook).

Copywriting and translations.

Choose in which area you would like to search for clients.

Search for performers:

Find your expert (performer) who has the skill but no idea where to look for clients. You can search for experts in Telegram chats or exchanges. The most popular Telegram chats:

Toloka: @teletoloka.

Helper: @ipomogator.

Freelance Chat N 1: @freelancechatik.

On remote 2.0: @naudalenkebro.

Remote work without experience: @noexperience.

Web Freelance: @webfrl.

Workzavr | Freelance and remote work: @workzavr.

SMMbro: @smmbrochat.

SMM work and freelancing: @smm_rabota.

Freelance chat: @chat_frilans.

In fact, there are many such chat rooms. Above were only the most popular and effective ways to find artists for remote work. A more complete list:

Write a welcome message there, but prepare it in advance, so that it is sure to respond. You can write it like this:

Good afternoon! My name is [name], I am looking for a specialist in [scope of work] to find clients (customers) for % of order value. If you are interested in working with me - write.

Do not copy the message exactly, come up with your own unique! 

Respond usually about 3-5 performers for 10-20 minutes, begins correspondence. Hence the next step in our scheme of earnings - to make contact with him and agree to cooperate. Negotiate all the terms, do not forget to look at his portfolio. You can do his packing, it will only be to your advantage.

Search for clients:

Start looking for clients for your expert. You already know that you can search in chat rooms, but that's not all. Search everywhere. Chats, Instagram, VKontakte groups, exchanges, etc.

Exchanges are the most effective channel for finding customers. 


Kwork is a free exchange with fixed prices for work. The best choice for all beginners.

Weblancer - partly free (in some areas the placement is free). - the largest paid Russian freelance exchange.

Telegram bots:

Arbeit_bot - you fill out a profile with skills, perform tasks that you can respond to.

getFreelance - pairs tasks from the exchanges Habr (formerly Freelancim) and Freelancer. Notifies you about new jobs in selected categories.

Seekubot - the bot asks what you are: the manager, artist, programmer, or designer, and then - who are you looking for and at what time will be relevant to order work. At the time of your choice will receive requests and individual offers of performers.

Algorithm of action:

1) Registered on the exchange, set up an account, make selling requests and actively start looking for customers for performers.

2) We find the customer, approve the terms of reference, take the prepayment and immediately agreed % to itself. Promote and raise the average check performer. This is good for him and for us.

By the way, it is always better to take an advance payment of 50% (does not apply to the exchange Kwork), it is safest. If the order amount is "too" big, take 20%, but never work without prepayment. Your safety in the first place.

Next, everything depends on you. On your diligence and hard work. First you look for specialists and clients for them, gather your base and scale. Later you create your own mini-agency with proven professionals and actually your income by that time will be quite different.

Answers to common questions

Do I have to work with only one performer?

Yes, preferably. That way you should have enough time for the specialist to give him proper attention and find a lot of clients.

How quickly can I find my first client?

It all depends on you and your specialist, his niche, portfolio. In general, even in 1 day you can find a client.

What percentage of the order?


What niche is better for mediation?

We advise in web design and sites. It is now popular and in demand, but there are few good professionals working for a small budget. 

Do I have to buy a subscription (paid account) on the exchanger?

No, you can work on free exchanges (such as Kwork) and Telegram chats.

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