Making money from cryptocurrencies and YouTube

By creating a YouTube channel with an additional TikTok account and starting to post content on cryptocurrency news, it is possible to gather an audience around the whole affair in a short period of time.

In this article there will only be an example instruction without trivial details like registration, creating a profile or a channel, etc. Since all this is in the public domain. We advise to modify the scheme a little at your discretion, so that it was not exactly as written.

What do you need to do?

To begin with, we'll show you an example and at the same time explain how you can start to create a promising source of income, in which you only need to invest your time, 1-3 hours a day (who can do it at all). As soon as news about cryptocurrency comes out, you have to make a video about it at once and as fast as possible. Or you can just re-post other people's videos, but again, you have to do it quickly.

Do not forget to intelligently optimize your titles, descriptions, previews and tags, because at the beginning traffic will come from search queries. The first pool of videos can be made based on the existing news about cryptocurrency.

Then it is better to introduce new different headings, so that there is not only news (because it is only one thing for viewers that can be boring), such as different stories related to bitcoin, success stories and vice versa, to connect reviews of all sorts of things for mining, etc. (as long as it is relevant).

Thousands of views are received by both new and relatively old channels in the first hours after publication. Content can be made with simple montage first, using simple gluing, and news can be taken from the public domain. The most important thing to work on, though, is sound. Study video tutorials on Adobe Audition and make a good sound, as many news are put in the background without looking at the picture. You can get visuals at first on photostocks, which also have video.

Since there is a hype around cryptocurrencies, especially when Elon Musk is directing the market with his assets, then to create such channel now, can be very profitable source of income for you. Also keep in mind: monetizing ads per 1,000 impressions = $3.


What about earnings?

Let's go to Socialblade and analyze one of these channels:

You can see that the author gets $10-166 per day (just multiply the views by the CPM of $3). And what if you run such a channel for a year or two, instead of 2-3 months? It will grow rapidly and in direct proportion to your income. 

Also, as an option, your main income can be from people you attracted. You can find any affiliate program on the Internet on the topic of cryptocurrency. For example, you can use the referral system of Binance exchange and receive a % of commissions for transactions of your referrals. This can be very profitable, considering that many people buy and sell cryptocurrency every day, and some even every hour.


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