Making money from transcribing and freelancing

The backbone of the Internet is text. Websites with content articles indexed in search, scripts for YouTube videos, Instagram posts, and so on. There are many freelance jobs transcribing video and audio files into text, without errors and with punctuation, there are even posts that pay a steady wage. In general, all this work can be automated and get more orders and have time to do them, thanks to software that takes care of so many tasks.

Whatever you do, whether it's blogging on your website, or YouTube blogging, or even publishing content on Yandex Den, in general, wherever there is text, you can transcribe any file into text without stress and without much loss of time. At the output you will get a unique text, which, of course, can be reworked and additionally corrected the same punctuation, and it will take a little time. Also, no one canceled the freelance orders, you do not have to publish these texts somewhere, you can make money on them through exchangers.

What are the exchangers?

Examples of jobs on Kwork:

About the competition:

Competition says that there is a good demand for this or that service, and you can stand out among all, for example, giving a larger volume than everyone else for the same money and can specify less time for execution, with the same quality. So if you follow this strategy, you won't have to wait long for your first customers.

The software itself:

Of course it is paid, but it is repaid from a few orders, and further gives you a very competitive advantage among your other competitors.

How to earn extra money?

You can take cooking, travelling, or saving something from YouTube videos and create 3-5 texts of 2500 characters each for the same Yandex Den, which will bring you extra money while you are fulfilling your orders on freelance.

-You can choose to work remotely, which also pay a fixed daily volume, or take good orders, with Work-zilla or Kwork in the job/project exchange section, where a normal volume will be well paid.

-It is possible to make a profile on Yandex Services all over Russia and on Avito. From there, too, come back orders from time to time.

-You can also consider even YouDo, but there you have to pay for leaving an application to participate, so the customer chose someone alone, there's little chance, but to exclude the possibility is not worth it.


An interesting fact about this software, it can work with foreign texts (but unknown how accurate will be the same translation of the Itz), and also work with English texts, which increases the versatility and can already work on exchanges such as Fiverr.

How to become famous and in demand? We can't say it's very easy, but it's worth trying to work on your personal brand. For example, you can start a YouTube channel and post on it your work process, for example, in broadcasting format with the real order or make 3-5 minute video about the text and freelancing, and in parallel to earnings, because even with views on 2-3 thousand on each video keep in mind, if you release the videos every day, then for every 1000 views on this topic YouTube will pay 2-2,5$, and the total number of views from all the videos for 30 days is considered.

In general, you can make a clear and if you take more vertical videos in the same TikTok and pouring traffic into your YouTube channel, and then add Reels and Shorts, then your project sooner or later will shoot.


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