Making money from video editing

You can work as an editor on the staff (not recommended, except for very popular corporations), or you can be a freelancer and do everything, or you can work in conjunction with a blogger or team on the same YouTube.

Immediately we should say that if you are interested in making acquaintances among bloggers or various editors, then this profession is for you. In fact, you don't even need to learn anything special. It's enough to open YouTube, type in a search for example: "video editing for beginners", "freelance video editing", or the name of the program "adobe premiere pro lessons" and that's it, here you have an online school, and it's free.

You don't have to pay anything, you don't have to do anything except install this program and start learning.

Now video editors are very much in demand, from the word go. There really is a shortage of such professionals on the market right now, especially those who are very good at their job. Bloggers are always looking for their assistants, some even help with housing (if already built a normal relationship), for them it is an investment in the future.

What about payment and generally download, then there is all the work takes place well before the publication of the video, that is, with a delay of a month or two weeks to have time to prepare and coordinate everything. You throw the materials that you need to review and examine the terms of reference (TOR), which clearly spelled out what moments to leave, what to select and what to cut, roughly speaking.

The higher your productivity of editing (if the feedback from the audience is excellent), then your salary increases multiply. From 25k people go up to 300k and they don't edit movies, they're self-taught. 

Work and Start:

In this creative job, like design, it's not that you need a portfolio, but you need to gain experience and preferably in different areas, so here are tips for an effective start:

1) One of the best options is to write to various youtubers (just not mega-popular ones) and offer them your services. Offer them a "trial montage" of their video, just for the feedback, and if you like the work, you may agree to cooperate. If youtuber say releases videos every day, and you have with him to agree, then accordingly you will have every day work and income.

2) Register at freelancing exchanges like Kwork and Fiverr (and other various exchanges), put your ads so that people understand that you are new and ready to work for a review. Be sure to put a watermark on all your videos, which are made to order, and send it to the portfolio. Offer at that Kwork through the job exchange their services to simple orders (20 connects in a month), so at least time to work for you and if someone will like your approach.

3) Hire a % of student assistants (can be schoolchildren) who will help you find orders for your services, for example, 150 rubles per order. Especially they will have everything to send a person to review, your portfolio, etc.

4) Fill your ads bulletin boards.

5) Make your own mini-blog + portfolio on YouTube, to store and present your work to other customers (a link is convenient).

6) You may also make your own TikTok and show the effects you've learned or repeated from famous memes or trailers (10-15 sec is enough, even with humor), and then lead to your YouTube, which has mail and other social networks for communication (if someone wants to order exactly from you).

7) With a little spam, go through the communities in which your competitors, and write to people who are interested and very active there.

8) Gradually begin to create their own training, but this is later.


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