Making money with Backit

With this scheme, each of you may well be able to earn about 100 thousand rubles for only 7 days. Here's an example, we are paid 12 thousand rubles for the design of the card:

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As you have already understood from the name, we will earn with the help of cashback service Backit. 

Probably everyone already used some service, here everything is the same, but we will not order goods, but banking products. Just in connection with the day of birth Backit, from September 13th was increased kashback on bank products and purchases in online stores. 

1. The first thing we do is to pass registration in the service:


2. After registration, be sure to confirm mail and phone number.

Click on "birhday" and turn the page to the bottom:

4. Let's start with the credit card from Citibank (screenshot of which was at the beginning), for which we pay as much as 14 thousand rubles. If anything, the card is completely free. Find "Citi" and click "Activate", then agree to all the terms:

5. Go back to the main page, enter "Citi" in the search line and choose "Citibank - credit card". After going to the page with promotion, press "Activate" and get to the page of the bank, fill all the necessary data.

Important: Make sure you have activated the "CITI" promo code (if not, you will get only 12,000 for the card, not 14,000).

6. To speed up the process, authorize via GOSSLUGI; if you don't have an account, fill in all the fields manually

Important: Fill in all the data correctly. Specify the monthly income not less than 30-40 thousand roubles. Specify a random place of work or indicate the source of income in the form of rent, etc. This way we increase our chances of being approved dozens of times.

7. After successfully sending an application, the bank will make a preliminary decision: "Denial" or "Positive". If approved, we wait for the bank manager to call to make an appointment and rejoice at the upcoming 14 thousand (half of your average monthly salary for a couple of clicks).

We will need to appear in person at the bank with a passport to confirm identity, then within a week (usually earlier), the courier will bring us the card. If our application was "rejected", do not get upset and move on to the next ways to earn money.

8. After receiving a credit card go to any grocery store and buy any goods more expensive than 100 rubles, we replenish the card by transfer via SBP (Express Payment System) with any debit card and wait for kashback. 

Money will be credited to Backit within 30 days, which later you can easily withdraw.

Important: Don't close cards before withdrawal of kashback from Backit (they all have free service anyway).

9. Go back to the main page and search for Raiffeisen. We do the same (only here it's even easier)

10. To activate the card, top it up with 100 rubles (a little more is better), and buy something in the store.

11. Similarly to the previous point, we order a card of Ural Bank. In the search enter UBRIR Debit card:

7) After ordering credit card Tinkoff:

Don't forget to check the link after you go to the bank's site, it's important.

We wait for several days until the courier delivers the debit card of Raiffeisenbank and their credit card:

Activation like all the previous ones. Don't close the cards until you withdraw the cashback from Backit (they're all with free service anyway).

To summarize: 

If you have no problems with taxes, delinquent loans and official work, you can earn a total of almost 21 thousand rubles. If, however, you are not quite a respectable borrower and you have a lot of delinquencies and debts - you will still get more than 2 thousand rubles for debit cards. In any case, not a bad earnings in 20 minutes.

How to earn even more? 

It's very simple, you can register cards for all your relatives. An additional option: share this article with friends and ask for 50% of their income. You can tell your friend that you'll throw him a profitable scheme of earnings, and in return he will give you a portion of his income.

Total: with 10 people you can easily earn 100-200 thousand rubles for less than a week.


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