Making money with Google News and selling articles

Go to Google News and at the bottom left select a western region, such as the U.S:

We see a lot of different categories and constantly updated columns with different articles. These are the ones we need:

Now we need a synonymizer for English texts, for example Quillbot (it's free):

We use the slider "Synonyms" for paraphrasing. We copy the text in parts from any article and load it into Quillbot paragraph by paragraph for paraphrasing. Then in the same way in a couple of minutes we collect other articles for further earnings.


In fact, there are two options:

The first option. We register on foreign exchanges for the sale of articles, such as Textbroker, and put up for sale our articles. Thus it is possible to repeat these steps in a circle, and no knowledge of English is required. Googling and look for more of similar foreign exchangers to sell articles.

The second option. We register on foreign freelance exchanges, such as Fiverr. Create a profile and do advertising that we can sell articles on different characters from $ 15 per unit (3.5 - 7 thousand characters), collect reviews, and other things, then the volume can be reduced or vice versa increased. As you can see, on Fiverr such freelancers are paid very well:

In the second option earns more in the long run, as you can find regular customers, and work using just a translator, as all by correspondence and understand what they want from you is not difficult. The conclusion is simple: the longer you do it, and you'll figure out what's what, and start profiles with similar ads on other freelance exchanges, the more you earn


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