Making money with Instagram and Salegroups

Salegroups exchange sells the largest variety of different accounts and has a guarantor, so no one will cheat you in the transaction.

If you go to the section Instagram accounts, you will see that there are a lot of them for sale, but all of them are not of a particularly good quality. We'll show you how to make money by creating accounts, reselling them and tell you how you can make them better than they are on the exchange.

First you need to choose any celebrity who the whole world knows, the most banal example Ilon Musk.

Format your account as it has the official account of the celebrity. Download everything (posts, storizas, etc.), for this we use bots to download content from Instagram, such as @Instasave_bot. Do exactly like the star, in the same order (only the dates don't match). You also add hashtags to make search traffic work as well.

Important: To make your account look alive, you need to add something to your story, so we recommend adding posts that are already in your feed.

Pour in as much content as you can. Then you add every day. People will start to subscribe immediately, because it's their idol, and they always want to be aware of all the events (and they do not care that there is no check mark). In general, try it and see how active subscriptions will go.

Next, we need to make activity, so to increase the flow of incoming to the account of people, we can use the service Bosslike. On it, performing tasks, you will receive points, which can then be exchanged for subscribers and likes. Therefore, we use and twist evenly, that the growth was visible.


We recommend growing it to 2-4 thousand subscribers, so that the account looks as attractive as possible, and then make a screenshot of the statistics for credibility, because there you will have a daily number of unique visitors, and this will play an important role when selling the account.

Next, you need to add your ad on the exchange, and a unique identifier to place it in the description of the profile, to confirm the rights of the author. A price tag put up 150-200 rubles for 1 thousand subscribers. Now, everything else will do exchanger.

Important: So as not to wait long with one exchange of buyers place and other exchangers accounts in parallel:

Also take into account exchange commission and fee for transfer to your payment systems. Make several such accounts.

Lifehack: To make a few different profiles, you need an anti-detect browser, preferably free, such as Incogniton (10 free profiles + you can aboot). Through it you can create other browsers, with different user agent, hardware and IP (buy proxy ipv4), all instructions how to configure it are on YouTube.

The point is that with each such browser you can make unique profiles, this system is used by those who create channels in Zen and then sell them on exchanges, so use it.


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