Making money with Noise cash

Recently a new social network has appeared in which you pay for activity. 

1. You follow the link and register:

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2. After registering you will be able to upload images, write text and share them with the community.

3. To get money we will need to link your Bitcoin Cash wallet in your profile. There are plenty of Bitcoin Cash wallets, the most popular ones are Trust Wallet or FaucetPay. Also you can use mobile application of service. To link your wallet, you need to go to the tab "Settings" in and specify your wallet there. 

Withdrawal to your wallet is automatic, the minimum amount can be set independently (for example, in my case it is a minimum, ie $ 0.0035). In general, a few posts comes out about $ 0.40. 


1) You do not need to make a lot of posts (this is spam), enough up to 5 per day.

2) It is better to make posts in English because there is mostly English-speaking audience.

3) Post at different times, about every post at intervals of 3-4 hours.

4) Your posts should be informative, take pictures of everything in front of your eyes and describe beautifully (in a few lines): nature, interior, weather, pets, etc. You should post quality posts, not spam.

5) If you can not show the activity that was described in the previous tip, then at least do not just copy from the internet, pasting word for word here, and be creative, make posts of yourself, as if you share with a friend and the picture should attract.

6) If you see that there is no result, try to change the posts: about life, about nature, about fashion, sports, etc.

7) Put the posts not on your page, but in special groups where there are a lot of people.

8) You can also change the section for writing posts where there are more people, there's a better chance that your post will be appreciated.

9) When you put up a post, try to make it catchy, so that your post would be immediately appreciated, because people put up a lot, and that means your post can not notice and miss.


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