Man nearly lost his thumb playing games on cracked screen

Continued playing handphone games on a cracked screen protector

According to the tweet, Mr Azuan is an avid handphone gamer who loves playing games like Mobile Legends.

4months ago , the screen protector on his phone allegedly cracked. But instead of replacing it, he continued playing games on the phone regularly.

Recently, Mr Azuan’s right thumb started hurting, but he couldn’t tell what was wrong with it as there were no visible injuries.

Things got worse soon after, as his thumb apparently got more painful and swollen.

Mr Azuan then visited the doctor, who prescribed him antibiotics and painkillers. Despite consuming the medicine, his condition didn’t get any better.

He decided to visit the doctor a second time and allegedly found that his thumb was badly infected and “swollen with pus“.

Post-surgery, Mr Azuan even had to return to the hospital on a weekly basis to ‘clean’ his wound

Thankfully, he eventually recovered from the unfortunate injury.

Change your cracked phone protector immediately!

We are glad that Mr Azuan made a full recovery from the gruesome injury.

As for the rest of us, if you’re currently using a phone with a cracked screen protector, best to have it changed ASAP.

Spending a few extra dollars on a new cover to avoid the predicament Mr Azuan found himself in, is most probably worth it.


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