Mars again surprised by the appearance of a levitating sphere

Also popular was the hypothesis that, according to which, it is part of an innovation that has been operating for quite a long time. The driving force of the ball can be a battery hidden inside. On the released video footage, you can see a kind of sphere hovering at a 60-centimeter height. It is likely that the phenomenon itself can reach a diameter of 60 centimeters. Strangely enough, even the most zealous critics of the theory of the mysterious sphere on Mars admitted that the anomalous formation was experiencing the process of levitation.

Scott Waring, making such discoveries, pursues one goal – to prove that humanity is not alone in the universe. Aliens can live on different planets, not only on Mars.

Earlier it was noted that the unimaginable sphere managed to destroy two scientific expeditions in the permafrost zone. In addition to the sudden death, the participants of the research experiment were suddenly overtaken by extravagance. The sphere had rays in its own arsenal that burned everything alive. We add that the residents of the American administrative unit of Texas were surprised by the flight of the mysterious sphere. Seekers of the existence of extraterrestrial civilizations claim that extraterrestrials are involved in this incident.



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