The world realized that if they want to ensure the survival of humanity, they have to find a new planet. 


because of the arrogance of humans, their high chance of destruction of the human race, human beings are slowly moving towards their end.


there was a man who comes forward and takes charge to make Mars a suitable planet to survive and protect humanity existence.


his was visionary, he makes so much thing, that is no one can think, everyone believes that he will make his dream come true and he will become king of Mars.


as time pass and he work hard to make his dream come true, humanity believes that soon he will achieve his target and everyone get to live on Mars.


because of shallow hope humanity use their resources more carelessly, in every news channel everyone talking about that man.


that man was, no other than Elon musk, time passing and the time has come when humanity lost his coal and petroleum, the sad news is, Elon Musk is dead.


after he has gone, the hope of humanity didn't die, many more organizations rise and take initiative towards the dream of humanity.


but in between of war of technology advancement, one organization rise and take the first spot, now that organizations have become more popular and rich than Elon musk.


now the time has come, when gexsi introduced their plan of the first step towards surviving on Mars.


it was a big event, every news channel and in every nation cover that news, gexsi introducing their plan.


it was a big event, 12,000 was covering the whole stadium and news reporters collecting every information they can get.


everyone looks so happy, CEO of gexsi Come out from the car, everyone shouting his name and cheering.


he comes towards the stage, when he takes the first step on stage, fireworks start, covering the whole stadium.


now he gives his speech about his plan and the first step towards his dream.


" hello audience, I am grateful for all the support you give me, even in my hard time you all guy help me to overcome my fear, and because of all you, I am here and I am glad that I can help humanity"


everyone was curious to ask questions because everyone carries so much hope in their heart, there were top 20 reports who have the right to ask questions, become one man who can't answer everyone.


" now I am ready to answer your questions, I hope I will give my best, now start"


" Sir we want to know your plan, what will you going to do, and what kind of plan has made by your organizations"


" first thing my plan may disturb human right and might sound wrong, but that the most suitable way we could think and execute, our team didn't sleep and spend so much time and effort to give better results as we can, first we will going to send machines which will create the suitable condition for survival,


" Sir what is your plan those machines will control by manually or your team will control it from the earth"


" that is the lovely question, we have created A. I and he will be responsible for all the construction work, we almost completed that A.I, Soon we will witness the historical moment when humanity create their first home on Mars"


" now I want to tell you that, we will going to send sperm and egg on Mars and their will we try to create human baby, if we succeed then we will send human to take caring them"


" sir but if you failed to create Childers, or what happens if they turn out like aliens, and will we be able to meet them and will they be able to see us"


" We do our best to not fail, and if they become like an alien then we still accept and treat them like Human, and when they get 20 years old we will bring to earth and welcome them, because I will also going to send my sperm their, and we will going to send 20 children, and we hope that we get both genders, male and female"


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