Marvel's Avengers Features Gameplay Boosters for Money

Marvel's Avengers is already going badly, and now the developers have thrown a handful of earth into its grave. Previously, they have repeatedly stated that you can buy only cosmetic items for extra money, but now there are gameplay boosters in the game store.


According to the witnesses, boosters in Marvel's Avengers allow for a limited time to speed up the pumping or get more resources, that is, they directly affect the gameplay. Boosters can only be purchased for currency, which is sold for real money.


In Marvel's Avengers there are gameplay boosters for money. Previously, the developers have repeatedly said that they will sell only "cosmetics"

Boosters are the bottom strip in the store.

Reddit immediately began to recall many instances where the developers claimed that the donation would prove to be only cosmetic:


"Our promise to the community is that we won't have lootboxes or paywalls," a quote from E3 2019, when Marvel's Avengers was announced.

"Your Black Widow may be different from my Black Widow - maybe a little bit, maybe a lot, depending on what you like better and how you roll. As for monetization, we will have "cosmetics." No monetary barriers to gameplay. "b- An interview with Scot Amos, head of Crystal Dynamics Studios.

"We're determined to make sure that the content purchased with real money in Marvel's Avengers turns out to be purely visual, which will keep the game alive for years to come," material from the official website shortly before the game's release.

The Marvel's Avengers subreddit drowned in messages from disappointed fans. They began to recall Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics other sins associated with the game: for example, in March they slowed down the pumping of characters, and the promised Spider-Man, which was going to be released on PlayStation back in early 2021, still has no release date.


Some speculate that the appearance of paid boosters for leveling coincided with the launch of Marvel's Avengers on Xbox Game Pass - they say, since we expect a large influx of newcomers, we can milk them. The game is indeed in the top 5 most popular games on Xbox, but how successful adventure with boosters - is unknown.


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