massive fires in different parts of world !

This summer witnessed the outbreak of massive fires in different parts of the world, especially in the Middle East, where countries such as Turkey, Greece, Algeria, Tunisia and Lebanon suffered from the phenomenon of fires that scientists attributed to global warming, while others believe that they are simulated fires.


It seems that the file of climate change and its destructive impact on the Earth is still waiting for radical solutions, but in the meantime, the Earth is witnessing a catastrophic and devastating situation represented by the fires that are destroying the land from east to west.


The fires extend from Siberia in the east to Bolivia and the US state of California, through Algeria and Tunisia in North Africa, and Greece in Europe.


Fire Information of the US Agency "NASA", known as "FIRMS", the fires have spread in many parts of the world due to the effects of global warming and climate change, the most severe of which were in Turkey and Greece.


Several Mediterranean countries are experiencing extreme heat and forest fires have spread rapidly in recent weeks, including Turkey, Greece, Italy, Algeria and Tunisia.


Worsening drought and heat - both linked to climate change - have also fueled wildfires this summer in the western United States and in Russia's northern Siberia.


Scientists say there is little doubt that climate change caused by burning coal, oil and natural gas is leading to more extreme events


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