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 Modern humans have been around for about 200,000 years. We have developed more radically than any other species on the planet. Still despite all of our achievements, advances and development, we are plagued by the most basic and primal of all questions. What is the point of our existence? Since no other sentient creature seems to ask that and lives on and dies satisfactorily and its not unsafe to assume happily so maybe that question more leads to another big question.


How to be happy?


We are not new to the planet, our ancestors have gone through countless debates, argument, theories and philosophies. In a major epiphany, they have also come up with Communism VS Capitalism and how one leads to the path to true happiness. That'd be all rad and cool if it was universally true and everyone could be magically 'Happy' by changing the way the system worked. While it cannot be denied that some tweaks in the system would be more than helpful and welcome, we have been here  for centuries. Surely, there must be something that despite professions, age gaps, religions, religious spans over generations, over centuries to be the core of what defines happiness and sadness; something so clandestine yet so conspicuous that we can all relate to but cannot point out.

The feature of a normal life incorporates birth, the euphoria snapshots of adolescence, trailed by being flung into an adulthood loaded up with the existential fear of finding a new line of work, falling and love, beginning a family and assuming lucky enough accomplishing something huge for the general public and, being 'Cheerful' while doing all that. Still that five lettered word appears to be indistinct, tricky and a large number of us simply meander through our lives in a semi-sleeping state. Getting by our days while trusting that ends of the week will come to wish them fly by just to go through the monotonic, commonplace days again in a cyclic style. Trusting that a person or thing comes up which will awaken into the sweet bliss of being alive. It is phenomenally, incredibly, magnificently extraordinary in the event that one meets that somebody or experience that somebody or tragically regularly the truth cruel and squashing. 
All things considered, this makes one wonder previously mentioned: how to be content? Maybe the appropriate response lies some place in the way that we are here, in the present, it is the only thing that is in any way important. The previous will consistently get gloried, the future won't ever be completely clear, presently is all we have. The eminent Albert Camus wrote in his Nuptials, "The world is beautiful and outside there is no salvation." We carry on with our lives like Thales of Miletus who spent such a long time gazing at the stars in theory that he fell in a well. We transform something so imperative and excellent into a wearisome, tiring and muddled wreck

The Conclusion

It is typical and entirely satisfactory that few out of every odd second will have a specific delight appended to it. Satisfaction possibly exists cause we know what bitterness is. Yet, eventually, the odds that we are here, feeling our opinion, with a piece of meat that works by passing electrical signals and encountering life in the entirety of its sound and shading is momentous. The information that nothing for keep going forever is seriously consoling that it is discouraging. Realizing that troublesome occasions will prompt merry ones is elevating. So we should pursue those high pinnacles, live in those downs, cause in the end life is transitory, we are neither all-knowing nor supreme, simply mortal. Live right now, realize that everything including our concerns will pass and that the world is something other than the issues, find things and experience, that satisfy us, embrace the ones that separate us and perhaps at last, we will have understood that there was no cheerful or dismal; the only things that are in any way important was not simply existing or getting by as a husk and living all that could be expected.


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