Meat Hodgepodge

Solyanka is a traditional Russian soup with a sour-salty taste and thick consistency. A variety of pickles, lemon juice, brine, olives, or capers are used to make it. Today I offer you a meat soup, which is prepared with meat and several varieties of smoked meats. Such a hodgepodge can be offered to guests if you are planning a festive dinner, and, of course, your family will not leave indifferent to such a dish.

Be sure to cook the meat broth from the pulp beforehand. We do not need a fat broth, as a lot of smoked meat is expected in the meat hodgepodge. When the meat boils in the pot, the foam must be removed until it disappears completely. Then it is better to strain the broth and pour it into another pot, add salt to taste and cook the meat until tender.

Boil the meat

Dice the onion, grate the cucumbers. Heat the sunflower oil in a pan, put the onions and cucumbers, fry a little and add the tomato paste. Pour 50 ml of water, stir and stew for 10 minutes.

Fry onion, cucumbers and tomato paste.

Take the meat out of the broth and cut it into cubes.

Slice meat and sausage.

Slice and dice the sausages.

Slice and dice the sausage.

In the broth, add the jaggery, cook for 10 minutes, then add the meat and sausages and cook for another 10 minutes. Be sure to add a bay leaf to the hodgepodge.

Ready meat hodgepodge

At the end add chopped olives and brine to the hodgepodge. Bring to the boil and remove from heat. Serve the meat soup with a slice of lemon which you can add directly to the soup tureen.

Recipe for meat soup


Bon appetit!


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