Meatball soup

Recipe for a delicious lunch for toddlers

 Meatball soup



 ▫️Potatoes - 1 medium

 ▫️ Carrots - 1/2 medium

 ▫️ onion - 1 small onion

 ▫️ meatballs - 4 pieces

 ▫️ rice - 2 tablespoons

 ▫️Greens to taste



 Peel the vegetables, rinse, cut into cubes or strips.

 Pour 250-500 ml of water into a container and add vegetables, cook for 15-20 minutes.

 Meatballs (minced meat, onions, herbs, spices, rice, cheese to taste) boil them a little separately, and then add to the vegetables.

 Add washed rice to vegetables

 Add a drop of vegetable oil to the finished dish.

 Bon appetit to your crumbs


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