Medovik cake with sour cream

First of all, let's build a water bath. This is done very simply and no special equipment is required))) We take two pots of different diameter. In the big pot we pour water, in it we put a smaller pot, (the small pot should not touch the bottom of the big one). The whole structure is placed on the fire.

In a smaller saucepan, we put pieces of butter, add sugar and honey. If the honey is sugary, we put two spoons of honey with a small slide. If the honey is liquid, then measure three spoons of honey.

Butter, sugar and honey for the Medovik cake.

Stirring, heat the mixture in a water bath.

Mudovik Cake Mix.

When the butter melts and mixes with the honey and sugar, we will have a fairly liquid homogeneous mixture. If any grains of sugar have not dissolved, that's okay, they will dissolve during the further preparation of the dough. It is not necessary to bring the mixture to a boil.

Honey cake mix

We put a teaspoon of baking soda with a small slide.

Soda for Honey Bean Cake.

Stirring, continue to heat the mixture. The soda reacts with the honey, the mixture lightens and increases in volume. Once you have reached this effect, turn off the fire, we do not need the water bath anymore.

Make the mixture for the Medovik.

We beat the eggs, you can beat by hand with the most common whisk. You can not whip them too much, the main thing is to mix the whites with the yolks until homogeneous.

Eggs for Meringue Cake

In a warm, but not hot honey mass, stirring, pour whipped eggs.

Pour in whisked eggs.

While stirring, add flour in portions. Usually the honey mass takes flour well, without the formation of lumps.

Add flour to the Medovik batter.

Mix everything properly, until you get a homogeneous mass. The dough for Honeydew turns out yellow, fragrant and viscous, you can see it well in the photo. The consistency of the dough is slightly denser than that of charlotte dough.

Mead Cake Dough

Cakes for honeydew we will not roll out the cakes, it is long and painful, there is a simpler and faster way. We take baking paper (tracing paper), to save dough, immediately draw a circle of the desired diameter for us (encircling the lid, plate or base of a round shape). It is convenient to make such blanks in advance for all the cakes, but you can do with two blanks.

Use a regular spoon to spread the batter onto the paper, distributing it more or less evenly. About one-fifth of the batter is used for one crust.

Spread the dough on the paper

Put the tray with the crust in a preheated oven. Bake the cake until it is done at 170-180 degrees, about 5-6 minutes. Baking time depends on the oven and thickness of the cake.

The baked honey cake usually has a beautiful ruddy color. Make sure that the cake does not burn, otherwise there will be a bitterness.

The layer for a Honey Pie Cake

After the first layer, put in the oven the second layer, and so on. Finished cakes spread out on a table to cool (do not stack). Immediately slightly cooled cake is smoothed by our stencil, then our cake will be straight and beautiful. Stack the scraps, they will be used for sprinkles.

Smoothing the Mudovik Cake

Sour cream for Medovik

Take fresh fat sour cream. It is advisable to buy at the market, as there you can try and assess the quality of the product. The fattier the sour cream, the better the sour cream will be. Sour cream should be quite dense and with a slight sourness.

Sour cream for Medovik

We beat the sour cream with a mixer, gradually add sugar or powdered sugar. We should have a homogeneous sour cream. Here is a step by step recipe for sour cream.

Assembling the Medovik Cake

Cooled honey cakes abundantly smeared with sour cream.

Honey cakes with sour cream

Also generously spread cream on top layer and sides of the cake.

Chop the remaining trimmings from the cakes in a blender. Combine them with chopped walnuts. Sprinkle our honey cake with the mixture on all sides.

Medovik cake with sour cream

Ready Medovik cake leave for a couple of hours in the refrigerator to soak.

The above amount of ingredients results in one Honey Cake, consisting of 5 honey cakes. If you need a large and tall cake, then take a double portion of the ingredients. I have a picture of a honey cake of 10 cakes with a diameter of 26 cm.


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