Microsoft introduces Windows 11 SE, this is the difference with ordinary Windows 11

Microsoft officially introduces Windows 11 SE , an operating system aimed at school students. It is also referred to as a competitor to Google's Chrome OS operating system.

" Windows 11 SE is made for teachers who need convenience and hassle-free for their students. It is also intended for IT admins in schools who need a device that is secure, easy to use and manage, and has good performance," said Microsoft on its official website.

Windows 11 SE has some differences from the regular version of Windows 11. There are some Windows 11 features removed in Windows 11 SE to provide a better and hassle-free experience.

Here are the differences between Windows 11 SE and Windows 11:

  1. Windows 11 SE comes with all the major Microsoft 365 apps pre-installed.
  2. Opened applications always appear in full screen mode.
  3. Windows 11 SE brings Snap Layouts single mode, simpler than multiple mode.
  4. Windows 11 widgets were removed in Windows SE because they were deemed too intrusive.
  5. Microsoft Edge on Windows 11 SE is configured to accept Chrome extensions. This feature is not enabled by default (default) in regular Windows 11.
  6. Windows 11 SE backs up documents to OneDrive by default.
  7. Windows 11 SE has colorful default wallpapers.

Although simpler, Windows 11 SE still supports third-party applications outside of Microsoft such as Zoom and Chrome. It gives schools more options to get what they want.

The school IT admin plays a very important role as the manager of Windows 11 SE. They are responsible for what applications are installed on the operating system.

Quoted from Pocket Link, Thursday (11/11/2021), Microsoft also combines built-in applications such as OneNote, Minecraft for Education, and Flipgrid. So IT admins don't need to install it separately.

Students simply open their Windows 11 SE laptop, log in, and instantly get access to approved apps and documents stored in the cloud.


Windows 11 SE is aimed at the Microsoft Surface Laptop SE first. This operating system will also be rolled out to other brands such as Acer, Asus, Dell, Dynabook, Fujitsu, HP, JK-IP, Lenovo, and Positivo.


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