Millionaires Who Got Rich After the Age of 33

Charles Bukowski


This writer had a difficult childhood. He was born into a poor family where his father constantly whipped him. He was completely unaccepted by his peers, and everything went wrong, and he began to drink. When the writer was 20 years old, his father found his first manuscripts in his room, which he threw out the window with the words "No one will read this shit." And indeed, his first publications went unnoticed. At the age of 32 he started working as a letter carrier, and two years later he almost died of a severe hemorrhage, which was caused by constant drinking. After leaving the hospital, he decided to return to literature. He went on to work in the post office and publish in small magazines.

At the age of 40 he began to write novels. His great fame was brought to him by the movie Drunk, based on Charles's novel, which is largely autobiographical.


Chuck Palanin.


The American novelist spent his entire youth in his parents' mobile van, and later moved to live on a ranch with his grandfather. What not only did not work Palanick - and volunteer, and mechanic trucks. It wasn't until he was 35 that he began attending workshops by the famous writer Tom Spaunbaer, which not only gave him new friends, but also spurred him on to self-realization and fame. His first book was never published, as the writer himself remained dissatisfied with his work. The second was also not published, but already because of the publisher - he thought that the book with too outrageous content. But after so many failures, the writer did not give up and wrote a revolutionary novel, which is now known to all - "Fight Club". Although the novel was also outrageous content, the publisher liked it, and soon millions of readers did. Chuck Palahnic is now considered one of America's most popular writers.


Garland Sanders.


Sanders was only 6 when his father died. Cooking meals and running a household became the norm for the little boy. His mother had remarried. At that point, the boy was only 12. He could not get along with his stepfather and, dropping out of school, ran away from home. At 16, he volunteered for the army, and in less than a year he left. The rest of it was limitless. He worked as a tire salesman, a courier, a conductor, a farmer's helper, but he didn't hold down a single job. He managed to save something by the time he was 40, and used all the money to open a small gas station with a canteen. Sanders cooked home-cooked meals in the canteen, and soon there was not a single seat available in the little canteen. His meals were immensely popular; they were very tasty. At the age of 65, he began selling franchises for his restaurants. That's how McDolands' main competitor, KFC Corporation, came into being.


Richard Fuller


Since childhood, the American architect showed a talent for design. At 18 he went to Harvard University, from which he was twice expelled for irresponsibility. Funnily enough, he recovered and continued his studies. While studying, he worked part-time as a laborer in a butcher's factory and served in the Navy during World War I. At age 32 he lost his baby daughter. She died of pneumonia. Blaming himself for her death, he began to drink and almost killed himself. And at the very last moment, he decided to see what one man could do in a great world. Taking a job as a college employee, he developed a grandiose project that was a revolution in engineering-the geodesic dome. What happened next? The U.S. government hired him to manufacture such domes. As a result, Fuller had 25 patents and 47 U.S. honorary and international awards in design, architecture, fine arts and engineering.


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