Missing? This plant helps

Researchers discover surprising effects of moss


The beauty business is booming. Over 100,000 women even had hyaluronic acid injections last year. The skin of the face was treated with the most frequently. The risk is often underestimated. The better the news that researchers have now discovered moss in the fight against wrinkles.


70% of our wrinkles can be fought with moss

Beware of hyaluronic acid

It is not uncommon for hyaluronic acid made from chickens to be used. The problem: Hyaluron en creams can hardly be absorbed by the skin. Most users are disappointed with the effect.


It is better to inject. But beware! There are no strict guidelines as to who can inject hyaluron. Every doctor and alternative practitioner can put on the injection and earn money from the hype. If a nerve is hit, one can go blind or part of the face can die.




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Another disadvantage of cushioning agents is that the skin becomes firmer, like an inflated balloon. If the effect wears off, the skin slackens and wears off again.

Active moss ointment from the pharmacy

After three years of development, the Biovolen Aktiv-Moossalbe (PZN- 16135179) is now available in pharmacies. One user reports that she has already tried countless creams without success. "It feels like Βotox. With the moss ointment, I was able to significantly reduce the wrinkles around the eyes after a few weeks". (Nadja H.)


The active moss ointment is manufactured by Evertz Pharma GmbH in Germany and is considered a milestone in research. The manufacturer attaches particular importance to organic quality raw materials. This makes the ointment particularly popular with health-conscious women such as presenter Birgit Schrowange. She appears as the brand ambassador for the ointment.


The independent test institute Derma Consult also gave the ointment a very good test result. The application is harmless and it is suitable as a daily face cream for dry skin. It is quickly absorbed, not greasy and leaves a long-lasting, velvety feeling.

Where is the cheapest ointment?

The original product is only available directly from the manufacturer and in the pharmacy. It is cheapest to go directly to the manufacturer in the online shop at www.moossalbe.de

There you will receive the manufacturer's discount and can order on account without risk, including a 30-day money-back guarantee.


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