Model who lost 22 kilos shares two of her weight-loss secrets

Reality TV star and popular plus-size model Gemma Collins has lost more than 20 pounds and shared her top two weight-loss secrets. Her words are quoted by The Sun.

The 40-year-old celebrity explained that she exercises three times a day, combining strength and cardio workouts, as well as walking. In addition, the TV star several times went to cryotherapy (physical therapy procedure, the action of which is based on the body's response to hypothermia of the outer layer of skin. Cryotherapy promotes weight loss, immunity and cleansing from toxins - note ""). According to her, thanks to this she managed to lose 22 kilograms.

On a BBC Radio 1 podcast, Collins shared her experience after her first session of the treatment. "I went into the ice chamber, and yes, I was naked. It was minus 188 degrees Celsius. Your body freezes and starts to get rid of fat. I really want to install such a chamber in my house. I want to do it all day long," she shared.

In September, Gemma Collins showed off her body after losing weight. In the posted footage, the celebrity poses in a pool in bathing suits. In one of the photos, she is captured in a fused swimsuit of pink and blue color, and in another - in a similar suit with a leopard print.


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