Modern Warfare II intel gets leaked before launch of COD Vanguard

Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War is nearing its end as November 2021 gets closer. It replaced Modern Warfare 2019 as the main COD title in the fourth quarter of 2020. Every November, the Call of Duty community witnesses the end of one title as another is launched.

COD 2021 is rumored to be named Vanguard, and it is being developed by Sledgehammer Games. However, according to new intel, there is some news about the Call of Duty game coming out next year. With already enough hype going on about the upcoming one, there are now leaks about Infinity Ward's Modern Warfare title that will come out in 2022.

COD leaker TheMW2Ghost posted on August 7 saying news about the Infinity Ward title is looking good, and progress in development is way ahead of schedule. Infinity Ward was the studio behind the 2019 Modern Warfare reboot, with which players have a love-hate relationship. However, it was a landmark title, as Warzone was released in collaboration with Raven Software, and even today the MW MP5 is one of the most used weapons in Verdansk.

While Sledgehammer Games has been very secretive about the COD 2021 title, the community will definitely appreciate Infinity Ward putting in the hard work and making sure they release a next-gen title that will tick all the boxes.


COD Vanguard is supposed to be set in a WWII setting, and this will be taking the timeline further back from 1984, where BOCW is set. Verdansk will also see a similar change in the coming days, as it did with a nuke event during the end of Modern Warfare 2019. The future of Call of Duty looks promising indeed, and all the community has to do is wait for the devs to deliver in ti


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