Modi Again - BJP Wins 2019 Election

General elections 2019 had created quite a stir in India. Not only the political parties but media and public were all shaken by the promotional strategies adopted by the parties this time. While the main parties BJP and Congress go against each other with full force and agendas. But guess what India has decided it's future again.

Narendra Modi wins for the second time and elected as Prime Minister of India again. BJP wins with heavy valid votes and yet another win for Narendra Modi. And why not, Congress did not have any strong candidate fighting against modi. Congress thought that Rahul Gandhi would be the ace card this time, but the people of India had already made a choice. Of course Rahul Gandhi does not stand in front of Narendra Modi. 

Ifcongress wanted a win they would have put a strong candidate this time as the people know that Rahul Gandhi would never make a influential and good prime minister. Priyanka Gandhi was bought as a trump card but guess in front of Modi spark all faded. Congress may blame the EVM and election commission again but  coincidence does not happen again and again

 Congress needs to understand now that democratic India is more into development of country and people see it. Fooling in names of Gandhi's and nehru's will not continue. You may call Narendra Modi a chai Wala or chaukidar but people know who to select.

Well people have made the choice, it's Narendra Modi again and will serve as 15th prime minister of India.



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