Moldovagaz paid Gazprom for fuel supplies in September

"Moldova has repaid to Gazprom the debt for gas accumulated in September of this year. After the conclusion of a new contract with the Russian company, gas supplies to Moldova have started," Barbour reported. 


Earlier, Sergey Kupriyanov, a representative of Gazprom, said the Russian company was ready to prolong the old contract for gas supplies to Moldova until December 1, if the Moldovan side fully pays for gas supplies in September and October of this year.  


At the same time he noted that if the payment is not made in full and a new contract cannot be signed by December 1, "Gazprom" will stop deliveries to the republic. According to the information, disseminated by former Prime Minister of Moldova Ion Kiku, his country's debt for gas supplies in September 2021 amounted to $10.7 million.  


Moldova and Gazprom agreed on Friday to extend the contract on fuel supply for five years. Deputy Prime Minister Andrei Spynu said at the end of talks that the new gas price for the country in November will be $450 per thousand cubic meters and will vary depending on the market situation. 


Last year the country imported gas for an average of $148.  


Moldova's annual demand for natural gas is estimated at about 2.9 billion cubic meters (1.6 billion is in Transnistria). This is an average of 8 million cubic meters per day, excluding growing consumption in winter.


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