Money in the House. We are not perfect - accept this fact and keep moving toward your wealth

Never berate yourself for the mistakes you make.

Such is our life - it is complicated and, at times, completely unpredictable.

So if you try too hard to always "be perfect," you'll find yourself in a constant state of war with yourself. Which makes no sense at all, because it cannot lead to anything good.

In this article we're going to talk about how to accept your imperfection and start building on your strengths-to achieve prosperity and financial well-being.

1) Give up the "tunnel vision."

It all starts with acknowledging your imperfections and your legitimate right to have "weaknesses."

Yes, we all try to "be perfect."

But the fact is, perfect is not attainable. Which means this: we will never be crystal perfect.

WHAT TO DO: You (and others around you) are not perfect - accept this fact and start purposefully developing your "strengths" because they are the only ones that can lead you to outstanding success and prosperity. Eliminating your shortcomings and "weaknesses" will make you the most ordinary, average, but not outstanding.

2) Excessive expectations of yourself and others.

This is one of the major causes of our inner conflict.

- We expect too much of ourselves.

- We expect too much from our spouse and children.

- We expect too much from our boss, our co-workers, the government, and the President.

But life is quite different: we cannot control the behavior of others, nor can we control what they do.

After all, we sometimes find it very difficult to control ourselves!

SOLUTION: Try to follow the advice of the ancient Stoics - expect nothing, and then you won't be disappointed. And all the good things you'll get in life will be a real gift to you.

3) Life is a marathon.

You may be working very hard right now, putting all your energy, soul and time into this process.

But here's the trouble: you may "win the battle, but not the war."

Yes, you can solve the task at hand, but it will take too many of your life resources and, in the end, you will trivially "burn out."

WHAT TO DO: Our lives are very long. So learn to conserve your inner "batteries" and distribute your efforts evenly. Take care of yourself!

4) Believe in Yourself

Never stand in the same place for long.

The fact is that "standing" is pretty much the same thing as "walking backwards".

Believe in yourself and in your ability to "move mountains." Because life doesn't wait, it flies by quickly.

5) The "slowest" way to success turns out to be faster than the "fastest."

There is no such thing as "instant success."

And if it does, it quickly and without trace "dissipates. It is not for nothing that folk wisdom says, "What came easily, it will go easily.

When you go slowly, you have time to master all the necessary skills that you will need for a guaranteed victory.

To make it clearer, here's an example: Every one of us can become rich. All you need to do is follow the basic rule of financial literacy - "set aside 10% of every income you make. This money should be invested every month (regularly buying currencies, index funds and other assets). By doing so, you will eventually build up a sizable capital, the income from which will fully support your entire family.

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The only thing we have in this life is ourselves.

Everything else, sooner or later, will leave us: children will grow up and start their own families, jobs will change, friends will leave for cities and towns...


Nothing stands still, "nothing is forever under the moon. So it is important that we learn not to waste time in vain, using every moment to live a more interesting, richer and happier life.


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