Most expensive cuisine: Fiore di Cristallo

The kitchen is one of those places where people spend a lot more time than it might seem at first glance. It is where we prepare food and have meals, as well as host guests and simply relax. When it comes time to choose a place to live, many people first of all assess the kitchen, because it should be quite spacious and at the same time comfortable.
Now imagine what you would do if you found out that you are no longer limited in your finances and you can decorate your kitchen the way you want it. What materials would you prefer to use in the finishing process, what kind of furniture and appliances you would buy?
You can hardly imagine anything more expensive than the kitchen called Fiore di Cristallo. It was presented in London and has an impressive cost - 1.6 million dollars. Work on the creation of a unique composition conducted more than a year. In the process was used a lot of technology, some of which remained unknown, but the final result fully justifies the solid price.
In the kitchen you can find natural stone, Murmansk glass and even crystals from the world famous brand Swarovski. At the same time, Claudio Celibriti (the creator of the masterpiece) chose to avoid using gold and precious stones. On the contrary, the kitchen has turned out very practical, because the cabinets on it are made of solid copper.
The central element of the composition is the transparent table, which has a price of about 59 thousand dollars. Right above it you can notice the chandelier made by Swarovski (another $42 thousand).
The sink for the kitchen was made of rock crystal and costs about $4,000. It was completed with a Philip Starck faucet. As a countertop is used a product of natural stone, the price of which is 11 thousand dollars. As for the appliances, their manufacturer is the German firm Gaggenau, which assembles its products by hand.
The creator of the most expensive kitchen in the world points out that he was able to realize his original idea one hundred percent. He says he got his original idea down to a hundred percent and the final result is a masterpiece that is comfortable, practical and dependable.
The Fiore di Cristallo is also a lot of innovation. For example, there is a wine cabinet for 4 thousand dollars and a modern refrigerator, which can not be found in retail stores.
Surprisingly, this kitchen can be made to order. To do this, you will need to wait about 8 months, after which an exact copy of the Fiore di Cristallo will be able to go to a new home.


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