Motivation, and where do we get it?

Motivation is a kind of internal force that motivates a person to act, work on important tasks and achieve their goals. A motivated person can do things of any complexity and importance. If you do not know how to motivate yourself, you run the risk of being under the power of procrastination, constantly putting off work for later. This way you will never achieve your goals, and achieving them is always associated with overcoming difficulties and fighting laziness.Intrinsic motivation occurs on the basis of our own interest in the case, or because this case we need for something or it gives us pleasure.

Extrinsic motivation arises when one performs a task under the influence of external factors - rewards or punishments. But monetary rewards are not always a sufficient factor, and punishments lower one's self-esteem.


Where do you find your motivation? Where emotion and pleasure are, it is in what comes from the heart:


Awareness of the transience of life. Certainly, you must believe that you will live a long life. But no matter how much time is allotted, time will always be in short supply if it is occupied by useless worries and doubts. First of all, ask yourself: How do you want to live your life and what goals do you want to achieve? Thinking about these questions can give you good motivation to realize your plans, goals, and dreams.


- Determine your meaningful goals and post them on the board or at least just write them on paper. That way they will remind you of yourself all the time. Next to them hang up pictures of things you want, which at the moment you do not have, or places you want to visit, but do not have the financial means for that. However, try to avoid jobs that do not give you anything but profit.


- Visualizing the future. Mentally imagine as often as possible the moment when you fully achieved your goal. Feel those pleasant feelings of your victory.


- Ignoring other people's goals. Try to separate what pleases and motivates you in your life from things that are foreign and unpleasant to you. Find yourself and your calling. It's likely that some goals were set for you from the outside, by your parents or your environment. This relief from the shoulders of another's desires will help you open up new horizons of opportunity. For the first time you will be inspired to get involved in what you really feel passionate about.


- Accurate scheduling of work time. Divide the entire process into steps and allocate time to complete them. Allocate time for rest. Take note of how much time you spend on things that have nothing to do with your main goals.


- First step. Start small, taking the first step is sometimes enough to break free from the captivity of procrastination. Small intermediate results will motivate you to reach the final goal.


- Self-inspiration. Watch people who can motivate you by example. Professionals who live their work and dive right into it. Their work may not overlap with yours, but it's good for you to inspire yourself with their commitment to grandiose goals. Just observe their life, their work, their schedule.


- Take a closer look at your immediate environment. Are the people around you positive or dissatisfied with life? Do they support you in everything or, on the contrary, do their complaints destroy your motivation to move forward?


- Praise and encourage yourself. For example, set aside a certain amount for a coveted vacation. The more successfully accomplished tasks, the more money will accumulate to fully relax. This can be something less expensive - a trip to nature, a delicious expensive meal or other pleasures. Do not deprive yourself of them. Take care of your health.


- Believe in your own strength. When a person doesn't believe in his own abilities, he demotivates himself in the strongest way. Negative thoughts and low self-esteem can destroy the will from within. Recall your life's accomplishments more often. Keeping that unforgettable taste of victory in your mind will keep you motivated todays.


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