Mount Roraima: The Lost World of the Gods

Where is Roraima and why is she considered a lost world

This is not an ancient city or a waterfall, but an impregnable mountain. It is located in South America in the southeastern part of Venezuela. It is believed that Roraima occupies part of the territory not only of Venezuela, but also of Guyana and Brazil. This extraordinary miracle of nature is located on the territory of the great savannah of La Grande Sabana, in the middle of the impenetrable jungle.


In other words, such mountains are called "mazasy". Roraima is considered one of the largest mesas. The flat top and steep slopes make it mysterious and inaccessible. This mountain has long been considered a lost world, or a territory abandoned to Earth from another planet. And this is no accident. A string of steep walls, enchanting waterfalls with cascading stairs open before your eyes. And rivers with red and black waters and the presence of constant dense fog will make you think not about a miracle of nature, but about another reality or a fairy-tale world.

In fact, the formation of mesas is understandable. Their formation began many millions of years ago as a result of tectonic processes. As a result, Roraima really found herself practically isolated from the world. Therefore, a unique fauna and flora has been formed here. The area of ​​the mountain plateau reaches 34 km², and its height reaches 2.7 thousand meters.


The tribes of the Indians who lived in these lands for a long time considered Roraima to be an enchanted and mystical place. The aborigines called this mountain "Tepui" or "House of the Gods". The most fearless of them tried to conquer her. Only a few managed to stay alive. It was believed that these people were blessed by the Gods themselves. They were treated and revered in a special way.


Why Roraim almost nobody managed to conquer, legends, hypotheses of scientists

Probably, many climbers would like to conquer Roraima, but for a long time it remained an unattainable object. On the way to it lay impenetrable jungle, dangerous rivers and swamps. Few people managed to get to its top safe and sound, and then descend. It took a long time to study Roraima.

Only in 1960 was it possible to equip the first major expedition there. It was headed by Roland Angel. Scientists believe that these are not "tricks" of an extraterrestrial civilization. For a long time this place was practically isolated from the world. Therefore, time goes differently here.


For the Indians, Roraima was a sacred place. They believed that the foremother of all living things on Earth - the goddess Quinn and all the other gods - lived at its top. Dense clouds carefully hide them, and inaccessible slopes are created so that no one can get there. There is an ancient legend about a mysterious mountain. It told about the real House of the Gods, which is located between Heaven and Earth. Only dedicated and special people can get there. Through the forest jungle you can get to the fabulous mountain plateau. Those who can conquer the mountain will be rewarded with priceless stones. The mountain is guarded by evil spirits, from which it is difficult to escape.


Interestingly, the legend says about stones. It turns out that Roraima has large deposits of diamonds. However, the Indians do not approach there, fearing God's punishment and the punishment of evil spirits.

What unusual things did the participants of the expeditions find on Roraima?

A large-scale expedition took place only in 1960. This group was led by Roland Angel. Then they managed to get to the top of the mountain and get acquainted with this wonderful world. The expedition found rock paintings on the walls of the cave of unknown origin. However, they fell into a foggy "trap" that envelops the mountain, and barely got out of it.


The next big expedition took place in 2009. This time archaeologists managed to find quartz caves with multiple exits. The system of quartz caves is called "Cueva Ojos de Cristal" or "Crystal Eye". Its length was 11 km and a depth of about 70 meters.

The mountain, apparently, constantly attracts dense fog and thunderclouds with lightning. A dense foggy ring and charred trees are often seen here. Strange, but here the waterfall is the source for the river, and not vice versa. The mountain appears black. These are small algae that cover its surface. She has such a color due to constant humidity and rain. True, pink sandstone is visible in some places. Separately, one can note the unique and rare specimens of flora and fauna. There are plants that grow only here, and some are listed in the Red Book.


The top of the mountain is considered the most dangerous because there is a stone labyrinth. This is an area where several rivers flow. Archaeologists suggest that, probably in this place, there is a certain descent into Roraima. What secrets may be hidden there is still unknown. However, several tourists died in this place.


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